mercredi 7 novembre 2012

Wooly toys dress

For a costume party which the theme was "hairs" , I made this dress with an accumulation of koala wooly toys. With this dress, I liked the fact that you make clothes with fur, but here you have the entire animal and not only the skin. The dress is quite cumbersome, but really warm and protective and reflect all the tenderness of the animal. My main inspiration for this dress was Castelbajac  Teddy bear coat created in 1991. 

I was lucky enough to find many identical wooly toys from my favourite charity shops in Paris. "From a distance, they look like a homogeneous pattern. To get the full impact of the individual teddy bears," says Castelbajac, "you need to snuggle up to the wearer."  "To me, it's a dream coat, with roots in my childhood emotions and memories," the designer says. "If I ask myself what kind of animal I'd like to come back as, I would say a bear. They are thoughtful, endearing creatures." 

the teddy bear coat 1991

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