mardi 13 novembre 2012

I'm not a barbie girl

As a child, I was fascinated by barbies, I had many boxes full of them, I was spending hours dressing them, brushing their hair, building their house. But now, I like to destroy them, cut them into pieces in order to make jewels, Even if you are cutting their head with a roller cutter, they keep, impassive their fake silly smile. As a kid I use to play with barbie, but as an "adult" I like to play with the concept of it. By destroying barbies, you destroy the feminine ideal of  imposed to you since your early childhood. 

By Iris Laverdant
By turned barbies into jewels, you divert the primary function of the toy. The face remains the same, but on a necklace, the expression expression become more creepy. 
Have you ever see the inside of a barbie head? It's quite fascinating, but as you see they have no brain.
For this dress I had to to dismantle all the parts of the body with an hammer, then make holes with a small drill and sew the parts one by one, putting the arms on the sleeves, the legs on the bottom of the dress etc... in order to create an adequacy between the human body and the barbie's limbs. 

For Halloween, I went to the exhibition DARE to WEAR which give me a lot of inspiration. I loved how artists push back boundaries of style and fashion, using recycling materials, things that they find in the street, and especially barbies and doll heads.

Everybody had to dress up as a dead artist, and performances were going on in the gallery at the same time. So basically everything was turned into a live piece of art, from the items displayed to the visitors. Art wasn't unilateral anymore but circulating between what you see and the people who come to see. The showcase is broke, the line is blur between exhibitor and exhibited. 

"27 visionary artists explore profound wardrobe conundrums:
  • "Will beige kill you?
  • What will you wear on the way to the afterlife?
  • Will Flamboyance set you free?
  • How many kilos of weird jewellery are correct to wear on any given day??"

Sin Bozkurt © 

Find more pictures on the facebook page: daretowear

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