lundi 13 octobre 2014

Color therapy

by Anthony Lycett 

This dream dress which was created especially for the Chromophilia exhibition at the Saint Pancras Gallery (Camdem) , inspired by my friend Claudia Innocenta's painting is full of mesmerising creatures  between earth and sea (mermaids and fairies  with colourful hair).  
by Anthony Lycett 

The process of creation was more painting than sewing, working on the base  fine art experiment dress (see article on my blog). I created the skirt by adding every day for 10 days layers of paint glitters and rhinestones so the design developed itself organically from a white canvas to a colourful wearable painting.  The bustier was made out of multicolour feathers . 
by Anthony Lycett 

The result is a  synesthesia  between a feeling and colour, the colours of dream impregnated on a garment.  It reminded me the speech of Prospero in the Tempest by Shakespeare "We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep." where the dream become tangible, in French Nous sommes de la même étoffe que les songes, et notre vie infime est cernée de brouillard…it sounds more like theatre character are dress in the fabric of dream and I love this metaphor. 
by Anthony Lycett 

by Anthony Lycett 

For the shoot, with the amazing photographer Anthony Lycett,  (follow him on instagram)  we went to Whistable, a lovely seaside resort of Kent with colourful fisherman house and a lot of charming Antique shops.  
by Anthony Lycett 

by Anthony Lycett 

The idea was to make this hybrid creature emerging from her Kingdom by the sea, like the Annabel Lee of Edgar Poe…but  we've been nearly caught by the tide..and by rhinestones shoes are definitely ruined! 
by Anthony Lycett 

by Anthony Lycett 

By Peter Hall 
This dress in relief as a lot stitched on,  colourful flowers, beads, embroidered little dolls and barbie legs decorated with tulle dress and pink shoes.  it is a potpourri between a Mexican day of the Dead an a kitsch pin up look.  
"Close encounter with the third kind" ring available on my online shop 

By Peter Hall 
This dress have a very different dynamic then the dream dress and conveys more playful woman/child attitude, in comparison with the dream dress, more ethereal,   do I wear my clothes or do the clothes wear me?  
By Peter Hall 

By Peter Hall 

To complete the outfit, I used the hat I made for our Demoiselle de Rochefort drag performance with Luxurioux snacks (picture on my instagram gallery)  and I stitched more barbie dolls on it, nothing is lost but everything is transformed

For the barbie legs, I am not using the real one, but the light plastic one that you find in pound shop. Usually I will be, this is a fake barbie but in this case they are better than the real one to create this "Can Can" effect

From my performance background, I like to create dresses with a narrative, incorporating humans part in a design make it more dramatic, where are theses legs coming from?  To whom they belongs to?   
By Peter Hall 

barbie hands earrings available on my online shop 

barbie head bracelet and ring available on my online shop 

I am wearing a vintage top that belonged to my Grandmother she was wearing in the 70s and a leggings with kitten gave by a friend from the 2010's I love this atomic mix 

By Peter Hall 

By Peter Hall 

girly barbie necklace available on my online shop 

By Peter Hall 

multiple barbie face necklace available on my online shop 

By Peter Hall 

necklace & ring available on my online shop 

barbie face necklac available on my online shop 

Wearing the mermaids necklace I made for Sue Kreitzman

The talented stylist Gianfranco Colla used some of my jewels for a tribal inspired shoot the dolls heads necklace fitted perfectly with the aesthetic (see my tribal costume on instagram) 


Last but not least, the brilliant painter Ella Guru recently wrote a detailed article about the painting she made of Sue Kreitzman and me, revealing all the hidden message & her creative process, an occasion to look back at the exhibition last year in Cult Mountain 
 Sue is passing the baton to Anne Sophie, her young protégé. She is saying, be bold, be free, and be true to yourself. Express who you are, and don’t hold back. And whatever you do, “Don’t wear beige. It might kill you,” as Sue says." Ella Guru

dimanche 5 octobre 2014


The colour dream team, GIRL COLOURS! 

I had the honour to be part of the anti-fashion show on the launch night Chromophilia curated by Peter Herbert. an exhibition celebrating the love and the use of colours in art, vibrant, gaudy, mismatched every colour as long as it is not "beige". 

I did an open call for modelling my dress on Facebook, "Mo model required just charisma & attitude"  I ended up with 6 really enthusiast and beautiful  friends
wonderful atmosphere in the fitting room before the show, not easy to dress your own models when you are wearing a bulky outfit yourself and when your wire keep on going caught in the net! 

The great painter Emma Zarafi modelling for Diane Goldie made my portrait featured at the Chromophilia exhibition, so proud to be a muse! 

Last advices for my dollies before going on the catwalk "just be fabulous" 

The fashion catwalk  organised by Diane Goldie (find all the pictures of her amazing garment on her blogat the Saint Pancras gallery wasn't about fashion but style  As Diane said "Fashion tells you what to wear, style asks how you’d like to express yourself." 

Make up made with colourful tinsels glitter and glue, the color went on my skin and I wasn't able to take it off for few days, looked like I caught the chromophilite! 

This anti fashion catwalk happened to be the same day of the official London Fashion week Launch a kind of thumb of nose to the new fashion establishment by the style terrorists that we are.
picture by Michele Martinoli

Beautiful actress and friend Eve Zohar  wearing my dream dress created especially for the exhibition, a dress inspired by the colours of dreams, a synesthesia between feelings and colours.  

Loulou Reloulou dream creature in the colourful rubber dress! 

picture by Michele Martinoli

picture by Michele Martinoli

The catwalk was a mix between fashion exhibition and performance, the great Amy 'Synth' Elizabeth Kingsmill rocked the show by bringing her surrealist creativity.
During the catwalk the two Lego girls were in charge to take of the dolls dress to reveal a fake latex naked body 
Flower dress performance at Bar90, picture by Anthony Lycett 
Flower dress for Half Baked at Bar90 Hachney Wick 

I did my flower dress performance that I also did at the bar 90 in Hackney It was a  great experience on the catwalk as the interaction with the audience make the dress accessible to them abolishing the sacred frontier between people and a fashion garment.  the audience can build  the dress by adding flower to the garden wire, and be part of the  evolutive design directly on the catwalk going from a rough metalic structure to an organic embellishment.  

This interactive performance conveys me a paradoxical  feeling of completeness and dispossession  at the same time. 

picture of the finished dress on instagram 

The Cleopatra necklace I made for Sue Kreitzman, more picture on instagram

My own fashion week: 

 I met my friend and great street style photographer Marie Paola. Follow her on instagram!) i was wearing my Frida Kahlo inspired  headpiece with fairies from Pound land and my rubber colourful dress. Colours attract people & photographer eyes and it is funny to go to fashion weak wearing a dress which is more a costume than a fashionable piece, theatrical, atemporal and outrageous! 

Picture Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion  

Picture Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion  

Picture Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion  

Wearing the ring "close encounter with the third kind" available on my online shop , picture by Anthony Lycett 
Wearing the miniature barbie earrings available on my online shop , picture by Anthony Lycett

Ideas are in the air,  colours were all over the London fashion week, subculture fashion seems to take over bigger brand aesthetic as Jeremy Scott the using beads, toys and colourful up cycling elements.  

Photo souvenir! with Picture Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion  

Picture Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion  

barbie dolls hand sunglasses 

Picture Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion  

On Le petit Journal Facebook page, French point of view on London crazy style! 
My 5 sec of fame Warhol moment on Canal + for Le Petit Journal (watch the replay19min 58 on the video they got it wrong it is not a "post it" dress but a rainbow rubber dress!

Backstage of the interview picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion  , they asked me "do you dress like this to go to the supermarket?" 


On l'Edition du Soir by Ouest France 

Another big piece made for Sue Kreitzman, 

Inspired by an aesthetic I am not familiar with, fairy fantasy, a mix between nymphs  from the gamers world and a celtic imagery, combined with creature from the forest, dragonflies and butterfly with a lot of elements from the vegetables kingdom sourced during my adventurous scavenger hunt in London flea market and charity shop! 

During September, I took part in several fair & market 

My stool at Wasted Chic event organised for Torture garden, like the page here 

My stool at the Vintage Fair, Stratford  as upcycling designer , Stratford, picture by Pavel Rumm

Meeting with the amazing Fruit Salad, at the The Nave, Charity Event in Islington 

Talented stylist Li Qiyu wearing my barbie face necklace and red platform shoes earrings, 
always so nice to see my jewels reinterpreted with people with different style! 
follow her on instagram 

Revue de Presse for September: 

Feature of the dolls dress made with Loulou Reloulou by Sylwia Grzegórzko on NeverLazy Magazine (page 205-209)

Featured on OnFeature magazine 

Interview on the online magazine Wearecollision

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