dimanche 31 août 2014

Creative holidays

By Gilles Cochevelou 

For me,  holidays is not about not doing anything but doing something different, changing setting and environment! That is why I am always afraid of exceed the 20kg allowed by easy jet for a suitcase. I can't travel light, my suitcase is always full of costumes &  incongruous accessories  I want to bring with me "in case" even if I am going to the most faraway country side.  

I  originally made this lobster dress for a shoot based on sea creatures.  I had theses lobster claw  from a meal in Brittany last year (don't think I am eating lobster every day , it was a very special occasion!), I had to put them in the bleach for a very long time to get rid of the smell.  Then I gold spray them (creating this vey strange smell between seafood and varnish!) I had to make little holes in them in order to stitch them on the dress.   

The head piece is an homage to Lady Gaga and Isabella Blow as well as Tatty Devine lobster necklace.  

Full Moon & Lobster dress 

For 4 years now with my friends we are organising a party in a Bunker called "Kervinoïze". This year'' theme was "Egyptian party".
By Gilles Cochevelou 

Costume inspired by Kate Perry "Dark horse" music video, reference to her with the blue wig.  Brilliant costume design which make Ancient Egypt dress futuristic! 

Dior mesmerising fashion  Egyptian show (2004) 

Elisabeth Taylor in Cleopatra (1963) & Monica Bellucci in Asterix meets Cleopatra  (2002)  
When I studied Ancient Egypt History at school I used to to be fascinated by the traditional garments.  Making a Cleopatra costume was a blast, using gold, shiny materials.  If  Cleopatra is the incarnation of  the "femme fatale", embodied by beautiful actress like Monica Bellucci or Elisabeth Taylor my  Cleopatra is more playful and quirky,  a Cleopatra on acid! 

Posing in front of the Egyptian Fresco painted by my brother, a great street artist who spent 5 days painting in the bunker! 

For this big piece  necklace I used all the symbol of the Ancient egypt, Ankh cross,  hieroglyphs, amulet, Toutankamon masks and Osiris statuette. A mix between over the top golden embroideries and  tacky  souvenirs you can find in the tourist boutique of the British museum.  

For the Egyptian barbie dolls, I actually used Jasmine dolls that I face painted and recreated unique headpieces for them.   
Turing into a doll make up artist for the making of the necklace, inventing new jobs! 

By Gilles Cochevelou 
The Viking costume: This is not one of my best costume but this is an example to show you that is possible to make a costume when you have nothing, 20min away by car from the next supermarket, and that you ear about the party just last minute. So now I don't want to hear anymore the excuse "I am not dressed", I had nothing at home.  You ALWAYS have something at home, even if it looks crap.  

 Ok the outfit is not great, it is just a old curtain that belonged to my grandma, so literally, I "was dress like a curtain".  But thanks to the help of my Mum I made this amazing Viking helmet. We went to a very small flea market on the week end and I felt I had no chance to find anything "Viking-like", but I bump into theses Zebu horn for 5€. The woman selling seemed really happy to get read of them. Then, my Mum  who is a very handy woman person found the way to screw the horn into a old metallic colander Very heavy but quite sensational!  
tribal dolls necklace available on my online shop 

I've already been looking at the tribal aspect of costume here 

By Gilles Cochevelou 

My Mum found for me this very special 70's look vintage dress: 

Ken & Barbie necklace available on my online shop 

barbie hands earrings available on my online shop 

Walking amoung Brittany's dunes 

same dress, different environment...
ready for new adventures! 

samedi 16 août 2014

Rock'n dolls

Two new shoot with two different people, two different style and 2 different atmosphere.

Amy 'Synth' Elizabeth Kingsmill by
Jan Fetishclubpix, dress made with Loulou Reloulou

In a way, it is less work for me, than also posing in the costume  I just focus on the costume design job.  let the model or the performer interpret my creation. 
by Jan Fetishclubpix

It is quite tricky because  to embody my designs, you need to understand the character of the costume and not let them wearing you but still have the charisma to wear it a subtle balance to find. 
This is a meeting between 2 creativity, the performer’s one and mind, sometimes I see model wearing my creation posing just as if it was a fashion item and it look a bit akward wereas you need the personality to embody the character. That is why I usually prefer performers. 
Bratz bra under the colourful dolls dress made by Loulou Reloulou & I 

I just give away the cloths, giving free rein for the setting, the aesthetic, not being the stylist or the artisitic director just collecting the dresses back with the final pictures.
I like the fact that my costume have their own life, they are working for me while I am doing something else at the same time. 
by Jan Fetishclubpix

Amy Kingsmill , extremely passionate performer about visual expression, like to explore her own identity through the unique clothing combinations that she style and creates. 

by Jan Fetishclubpix

« I love to create work that communicates a creative idea or a specific intention.
To me modeling is an extension of my art practice. I find shoots with a theme, message or concept behind them the most productive. As an artist I am capable of thinking in a creative way and helping with the construction of shoot themes etc. A lot of my work as a performance artist involves the creation of characters and styling them myself, and so I have a large wardrobe including latex, masks, haute couture pieces, vintage pieces, fetish and much much more. »

Amy found the perfect house for the shoot with crazy wallpaper and quircky decorative objects! 

'Amy Kingsmill, is an artist who, through incorporating her love of all things surreal and fetishistic into her performance work, creates looks that viewers have described as disturbing and arresting, but also empowering. ' -Rachel Hardwick, Skin Two.
She recreated her all world around the dress, I made for her  with Loulou Reloulou (made with more than 50 colourful dolls).   

colourful dolls crown worn as a necklace 

She made the dolls headpiece herself and a Bratz- bra to matching with the see-through transparent dress. 
Creating a pop and worring  mecanial plastic dolls deconstructing Barbie’s smooth and polished image. 

by Tony Patrick Smith

This dress is made out of thousands of piece of colored rubber. 
The fact that is not fabric make an amazing motion while twirling. 
by Tony Patrick Smith

The story of this dress come from a facebook status. A  Facebook designer friend using a lot of rubber in her work,  moving away was giving away a big bag full of rubber . I jumped on the chance and went the day after collecting the rubber with my big suitcase. 
Like in the majority of my creation, the idea come from the material rather the design, it is like a reverse process where the final garnement exit because I found an interesting material and not the contrary, whitout this gift, I would never have made this dress and not even think about doing it. 

I was inspired by the rubber material being the rubber man in my friend Mette Sterre show, wearing a 30 kilos rubber thousands of rubber bans put together,
by Tony Patrick Smith

by Tony Patrick Smith

by Tony Patrick Smith

What to do with a monopoly game where you are missing all the cards?  a monopoly necklace of course!
available now on my online shop 

In a last post I was wearing myself this afro-inspired tribal costume but I felt it would be nice to get a black model to match with the black head dolls. 

by Tony Patrick Smith

by Tony Patrick Smith

Little mermaid necklace and dolls heads dress
I already made a three snow white necklace and in my exploration of the disney princess theme I made this Ariel necklace. 

Last but not least, I have the surpise to be featured on a Finnish blog specialised on monster dolls!
Proud to be so international even if I can't understand a word of what it says!
read the full article here

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