jeudi 7 août 2014

Ram place & the Barbican adventure

I had the great opportunity to be part of the amazing project of the Ram place market by the Barbican, to perform my Lego piece  for the festival and to have stool at the market.  

the audience building the transparent lego dress creating their own design

Throughout the market’s eight-day tenure a series of events and workshops  took  place including performances, talks and workshops with photographers, artists and fashion industry professionals including designer James Long, film-maker Kathryn Ferguson, and performance artist David Hoyle In summer 2014 Ram Place Fashion Market opened in the heart of Hackney and saw designers, artists, traders and performers come together to celebrate London youth fashion. A unique programme combined performance, talks, food, gigs and workshops alongside retail stalls from leading east London designers.

The market took inspiration from The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, the largest retrospective ever to be staged of Gaultier’s work. Jean Paul Gaultier’s designs have long been influenced by youth culture and demonstrate his deep understanding of the issues and preoccupations of today’s multicultural society. Socially and ethnically diverse communities in London and Paris have provided particular inspiration for his work and the project aimed to place London youth fashion back into an international context. 

I made a new dress especially for the performance, using a transparent base. My idea was to create an optical illusion where the Legos look like they are floating in the air around the performer body. I also made this rigid crinoline structure for the audience to be more easy to stick the Legos on to.   

Cute mittle girl really into building my dress! 

you could also build my Lego shoes! 

You can read more about the concept of my Lego piece that I already performed several time here and watch the video on vimeo 

Speech for the launch night celebrating the vibrant creativity of East London 

I performed it twice, for the launch night and the closing party. The second time it was pouring out but SHOW MUST GO ON, I had my waterproof Lego dress! 

So proud to have my name written down on the Barbican programme! 

Recreating ly little world at the ram place market
 I  was offered a stool for 3 days to exhibit and sell my designs, it was a great occasion, to "play shop" and to interact with my potential customers and see they reactions "live", Some people were amazed some other were scared, but my creations always provoked a vivid reaction.  People told you about what it make them think off and always find a personal anecdote about their life, most often related to child hood, talking to a perfect stranger (me) about their imitate past!

If you didn't have a chance to come to the ramplace market, you can still visit my online shop 

At my stool, you could find unusual item like a baby hand in a cupcake box (picture from my instagram gallery follow me!) 

I had the honour to exhibit with incredible designers like the beautiful and talented millener Sahar Freemantle, on the picture wearing one of my necklace that match perfectly her amazing designs, check her work and like her on facebook  ideal for a wedding! 

By Monika Schaible 

No break  at the market! Monika Schaible caught me eating my salad I tried to finish between tow customer, don,t be ashame of a bit of salad caught in your teeth, this would be the new fashion trend! 

By Monika Schaible 
This day at the market, I stole my friend Simon's drag costume of our Demoiselle de Rochefort act with Luxurioux Snacks...
barbie hand sunglasses & little mermaid necklace 

Interviewved by Shorditchhype about my design, you can watch the video here

Tried to match my colourful design for wearing this colourful dress made out of rubber bits, love the motion when it thwirl! 

  Thanks to my favorite vintage Sonia Rykiel Dress, I am on the front cover of the Haus of Mirrors book, gathering pictures taken at a "Fete worse than Death" Festival in Rivington street, gathering picture made op a temporary photo studio around a antique circus mirror.

I actually like the distorting effect of the mirror on the dress creating amazing shape that you can't get with, it bring me some thoughts about the perception of the garment through optical illusion and what kind of post-production effect in photography can bring to the costume,  recreating a new reality for the viewer!

An article about my stool on Shante's blog, who I met at the ram place, 

She ordered me this pair of earing for her to order with very specific customisation request (black hands barbies, pearls bracelets, white and purple gems stone ring, multi-couloured nail polish...) go on her blog to see the making process of it, and if you would like to own your really special one, get in touch with me, or you can visit my online shop

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  1. This looks so wonderful, I would like to build your lego shoes, haha. I love that, great connection. I really like seeing the little kids add pieces, their faces light up with so much joy!! I really love the clothes that you added pieces of legos and dolls head actually onto, I enjoy that kind of customization. Always marvellous my dear. I shall be buying some things soon as part of my birthday at the beginning of September, I've convinced my husband I need them a little early, haha. I hope you have a great week ahead :)


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