mardi 4 juillet 2017

Alligators & ice creams

Make up by Steffy Shaw,  picture By Anthony Lycett 
For Sue Kreitzman, the urban legend about the albino alligator in the sewers of NYC have a very important place in her personal mythology.  As she is a brilliant story teller, her eyes will spark when she tells you the story: 
 In the 40s, kids in Florida were getting babies Alligator as presents.  But when they began to outgrow, parents where flashing down the toilets, 
They would grew up in the sewers and become albinos due to the lack of light.  For Sue, Alligators personify the power of myth and the sheer delight of urban legend. 

By Anthony Lycett 

As it is very picturesque, it  inspired me a narrative neckpiece where I put actual plastic toy alligator into plastic tube to represent the sewers. It was hard to find the right diameter to fit the crocodiles as the marble run one would be to narrow to get the toys inside.  I finally find on Ebay a clear acrylic tube of Perpex which was deliver as a one meter plastic pipe.   I had to melt it (don't try this at home) to cut it in several section and drill some holes in order to stitch all the pieces together.  

Make up by Steffy Shaw,  picture By Anthony Lycett 

But my own version of the sewers is not dark and stinky, it is a very colourful and psychedelic one.  In this sewers, marble run element, that remind me the guinea pig circuit as a child create a very dynamic and geometrical structure.  

Sue Kreitzman very happy to discover the Alligator necklace! 

...and the drawing version, by Sue Harding, or the privilege to get sketched on a regular basis! 

Make up by Steffy Shaw,  picture By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 

The radioactivity from all the chemical waste that run through  the pipe make the alligator grow glitters and gemstones on their back!
By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 
From a party I worked at, I got a box full of ice cream bubbles tubes, which I was more happy to get than my cash for the evening!

By Anthony Lycett

I decided to create a club kids ice cream look especially for the Lipsitck club at the Muse Soho, 
First I emptied the soap from the tube and cut in half the plastic ice cream that I  adorned with gemstones.  The donuts are dogs  squeaky toys from Poundland 

With Anthony Lycett & Andrew Logan by Daniel Radchev

with Diane Goldie by Daniel Radchev 

"Soho's culture is being destroyed before our eyes through rampant gentrification.The Lipstick Club is a new all inclusive monthly night deep in the heart of Soho.

It’s the perfect platform to come out to play and experiment with your identity. Soho is back!

With Mette Sterre & Andrew Logan by Daniel Radchev

with Daniel Lismore by Daniel Radchev 

With Prince Jason by Daniel Radchev 

by Daniel Radchev

By Anthony Lycett 
For an every day look, I declined the ice cream theme into a top that I combined with a sequin Marc Jacobs skirt. 

details with my clutch bag entirely embroidered with sequins, plastic flowers and poly pocket dolls.  By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 
I found the Marc Jacobs skirt, it in a carboot sale, it was more than my weekly  allocated budget which is around £20 in car boot sale shopping .   But handmade real mark Jacobs, could be around 800£ in the shop I though what could I get in top shop for £45?  Maybe just a basic top so I decided to treat myself.
By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett
I made this headpiece especially for an exhibition in The Civic, Barnsley the Toy Box.  I had the desire to make this statement piece for few years now and the exhibition actually set me a goal and a deadline.  (I am convinced that a piece of work always come from a profound desire and you can't create without joy and passion).  

By Anthony Lycett
I like the fact that through a joyful and light medium which is toys, you could convey some political and social issue.  As toys is a miniature version of the world, you could recreate and rearrange your own microcosm.  
Toys are quite sexist, the majority of feminine figure are white & young princess whereas male figurine are more super heroes, action man, warrior…   
  It is quite difficult to find different age group, different ethnicities and skin colours.  But through years of perpetual rummage  through car boot sale, I achieved somehow to find a real mix of figurine , representative of all  kind of women pursuing all kind of job.  
The image was to bear the all womanhood on your head like Atlas bear the whole world on his back. 

By Anthony Lycett

For the shoot, it was important to not to keep my very fair skin to not be classify as a certain type of woman , but create something unnatural that doesn't correspond to any colour skin. So I spent an hour covering myself with pink glitter  like a pink version of Goldfinger.   

I actually blocked my sink with the glitters when I took my shower! 

By Anthony Lycett 
I am fascinated by Japanese culture, a place I would have to visit at some point! 
Here I am posing with a bespoke Hello kitty neckpiece, cat figurines mostly found by my Mum in charity shops. They are different sizes and different characters adorned with gemstones, and an holographic Merry-go-round fascinator.  
By Anthony Lycett 
My idea was make an  ironic and over the top version of Kawaii look.  In a society that infantilise women,  you can take the ownership of you own status and destiny through creativity and reinventing yourself.  


For the photography, Anthony wanted to experiment with a Plexiglass device placed  in between me and the camera on which we sticked fake flower.  The idea was to recreate the instagram filters aesthetic over used by kawaii girls but using traditional technique and real crafty objects.  Anthony   photoshoped the flowers  in different colours to create this pop art effect.
By Anthony Lycett 

I love to collaborate with photographer and see how she reinterpret my garments and do they own reading of my costume, here with Tatiana D'Andréa

Model: Thaila Camila Brilhante/ Photo, makeup, hair : Tatiana D'Andréa Assistant & Model: Atilio Diglio 

Model: Thaila Camila Brilhante/ Photo, makeup, hair : Tatiana D'Andréa Assistant & Model: Atilio Diglio 

Photographer: Tatiana D'Andréa
Model: Cinthya Machado
Makeup: Jessica Favaro

Model: Thaila Camila Brilhante/ Photo, makeup, hair : Tatiana D'Andréa Assistant & Model: Atilio Diglio 

samedi 17 juin 2017

mythical creatures

In this article I am exploring the relationship between my designs and some mythical and very popular creatures like my little pony, flamingo, mermaids and dinosaurs: 

By Anthony Lycett 
I have a fascination for my Little pony, slightly bad taste toys and openly kitsch. They are such just such pretty creatures, with their glittery manes and diamonds eyes.  Yes they take a lot of room but I love collecting them in every size and every colours. 
For this picture, I wanted to surround myself with all my collection, a kind of American beauty remake with fetish toys.  Who never dreamed of swimming in a my little pony swimming pool? The difficulties was to have a natural pose, as If I was standing but lying down! 

...and the outfit in the real life  with Sue Kreitzman and Florent Bidois at Spitafields market 
I made this pink my little pony crown from a pantomime headpiece.  I recreated a kind of magic world dreamy microcosm with pony and pink castle tower. I hand stitched sequins on the wings and adorned the pony with glitter and gemstones.  

For the skirt, cut out a plastic display that had the shape of a dress, filled all the plastic pockets with small my little pony as if they all have their compartmentalised boxes.  I added plastic  brushes for the pony to take them of their sparely manes, and sprinkle them with glitters before sealing them by hand-stiching them with pink ruffles.  I then stitched the whole creation on a blue PVC base.  

By Anthony Lycett 
Mermaid, a massive trend every summer! which girl have never dreamed of being a mesmerising sea creature?  For this look I didn't wanted to focus on the fish tale aspect of the mermaid but more on the seashells, scales and pearly elements, creating a new wave look between pearly queen and sea-punk aesthetic.  

Inspiration: Rita Ora in 2014 
Inspiration: Chanel posh and elegant  pearly jackets 

By Anthony Lycett 
Pearls is a very noble and precious material,   it symbolises purity and wealth   and pearls necklace are often wore with pride  by posh high society women.  Whereas denim is considered as more grungy and  associated with a casual everyday look.  I found interesting to mix the two and use the discrepancy to  create a baroque and Rococo ( Barroco  meaning irregular pearls in Portuguese ) piece.  

By Anthony Lycett 
I developed the look with a beautiful  blue sequins Marc Jacobs skirt I found in a car boot sale and I hand-stitched pearly bustier
By Anthony Lycett 

Triton is the father from the Disney " little mermaid" embroidered with beads, with shiny rhinestones as nipple tassels. 
He has  its cortege of sea punk green hair mermaids with  skirts hand stitched with sequins and tail adorned with rhinestones. 

By Anthony Lycett 
Another cult creature: dinosaurs which have a very strong sympathy coefficient.  They are non controversial animals as they disappeared and are now advanced to the position of mythical creature alongside unicorns or mermaids.  Everybody love dinosaurs because they are associated with a  visit at natural science museum or illustrated books from childhood so they trigger a feeling of nostalgia.  People find them "cute" and "fun" even if they were meeting them in real life, they would be terrified by theses ferocious animals.  

By Anthony Lycett 
For this Jurasick Park jacket, I used a beige  canvas base with studs that looked like an adventurous explorer jacket.  The process was quite long as I had to cut in half very precisely the big size dinosaurs and drill holes in them and then stitch them on the jacket to create a kind of embossed landscape.  A friend told me I was like Damien Hirst, with a dinosaur version of his cut in half cow sculpture

By Anthony Lycett 
Then I stitched the leaves of plastic palm tree around them to link the dinosaurs between them and recreate their natural habitat giving the feeling of a lush jungle.  They also provide some camouflage so the game is more fair with the dinosaurs hunters!

By Anthony Lycett 

traditional group picture by Richard Kaby 

The Colour Walk is an informal gathering of creative people getting dressed or dressing up to inspire and be inspired. 
We do normal stuff, chat, drink coffee, eat and shop in the market, the only difference is we do it with style and make the effort to dress up.  
by Richard Kaby 

Somehow we stage ourselves, it is a new dandyism but it makes us feel better and some people acquire more confidence in themselves stimulated by the benevolent reassuring environment of the tribe and the compliments on their creativity and their clothing founds.  
This not an elitism movement, a private members  club,  everybody is free to join as long as they wear colours! 

With Sue Kreitzman by Richard Kaby 

details of the dinosaurs outfit by Richard Kaby 
By Diana Dău

For "the return of the goddess" event in Walstomstow" I wore my flamingo costume dress.  
Flamingo is a very popular animal at the moment as you can see it everywhere in trendy design stores.  With his elegant pink figure he is the king of festival fashion! 

Feeling like a super flamingo hero By Diana Dău
Originally it was a costume for a child that I cut in the middled, embellished with ruffle and pink ribbons and a crown. I matched with a giant disco sequin dress and create a pink sequins cape. I  the design  fact that the outfit really stand between a costume and a fashion outfit. 

By Diana Dău

Gathered round Kala Kala amazing pimped up car with flowers and toys by Richard Kaby 
Kala Kala said he was a bit jealous of his car because it has now more success than him! 

With Cherry Stevenson at Gods own Junkward by Richard Kaby 

by Richard Kaby 

I wanted to parody pin up at car show room  and I ended up  embodying a flamingo standing on one legs -picture by Richard Kaby 

by Richard Kaby 

Illustration which reflects the atmosphere of the day By Sue Harding 

always nice to get an assistant in the person of Florent Bidois   that always make sure my hair look good! picture by Richard Kaby 

by Richard Kaby 

The bag I made for Sue Kreitzman with hand-stitched colourful buttons on polypockets and wax print buttons.  The poly pockets have their set of accessories.  

Collaboration  on fashion shoot with the stylist 


 with my more tribal pieces, Peacock turban, dinosaurs necklace and the 4 ages of the woman.  

With Sue Kreitzman By Anthony Lycett 

In the frame the photoshoot for Phoenix magazine about portrait of artists in their environment (see project on Anthony's website), I went to Sue Kreitzman house, a magical world for fan of maximalism art.  A place where I always feel at home, sharing spiritual conversation and delicious food.

The cuff I made for Sue with barbie eyes and mouths with red pompons and beads. 

wearing L.O.M fashion and my own hand stitched Radjasthan inspired skirt with my little pony headpiece By Anthony Lycett 

I also took part in the Self.Styled location, since I moved in Stoke Newington, I have a better space to work with an amazing bay window that bring luminosity.  
This is where the magic happen, my sacred space,  cocoon and cavern at the same time,  where I surround myself with stuff I like and colours. 
For my day look I am wearing my favourite asymmetrical primary colours  wooly jumper from a hong kong designer found in a card boot sale, colourful and comfy.  For my night look I am wearing my vintage Christian Dior ensemble with a giant black & white floppy hat. 

Another mythical creature that I created myself,  very fun commission I did for a fan of colours and collector in South of France. 

This is the inspiration, she wanted a hunting trophy aesthetic without a real taxidermy stuff animal but a giant my little pony head.  

inside the creation: the metallic wire structure in order to create the "giraffe neck" adorned with pompons, colourful dinosaurs and animals.  

I created this hybrid mythical creature with a my little pony head and a horse neck, Not using taxidermy allowed me to create my new bestiary of imaginary.  

Iwona Pinkowicz, a London based visual storytelling photographer came to my place to take my portrait for her "dream project".  

by Iwona pinkowicz

I said my dream was "to grow my buisness of costume and fashion design and get my own studio on London". 
by Iwona pinkowicz

We all have dreams that range in size, scope and silliness. Since January 2016 I have been photographing strangers on the streets of London and asking them, what is your dream? One of my dreams is to publish a street portraits photo book featuring the people I have met doing this. The aim of the project is to show that no matter who you are or what you do you should always have dreams and be unafraid to pursue them. I want to show that through hard work, dedication and confidence in yourself, dreams can come true no matter how silly, ambitious or unattainable they may seem. "Iwona pinkowicz

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