mercredi 18 octobre 2017

duck & bees at fashion week

by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
Twice a year for London fashion week,  you play the same game, you dress up, show off and pretend you are important in the world of fashion. All the world's catwalk and this season I rocked up my plastic duckies outfit on the street of London. 
plastic dukcs are not only for your bath! by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
With it neoprene base and stitched on plastic ducks, it is  perfect outfit for London uncertain weather where the streets could turn into giant pond! I remember my joy when I found this whole lot of plastic ducks in the baby care section of Pound land, with the combination of colours and texture, I could straight away picture a new design.  I am sure I looked manic filling frenetically my pound land basket with all this plastic toys on front of dismayed  non-yummy mummies.  

by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

I was lucky to meet with my favourite street style photographer Marie Paola, that travel all the way from Paris to capture British stylish & eccentric  people.  

We decided to meet at Gareth Pugh in Waterloo but anti fur militants where blocking the way and making it impossible to shoot.  We then decided to migrate to the iconic waterloo bridge which match well with the outfit as it seems that my little duckies are ready to take a swim in the Thames! 

by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

with  very talented designer Sadie Clayton at her LFW presentation

with  the singer Fleur East at  designer Sadie Clayton LFW presentation

with Kala Kala colours by Jimnemer 

by AL G Vizcaino 
Queen Bee By Anthony Lycett 
Queen Bee By Anthony Lycett 

For september colour walk, I opted for an autumnal  look, wearing a vintage 60s deshabillé, it is a bit like going in the street in your dressing gown but who cares in London?  

Don't worry Be Happy By Anthony Lycett 

Combined with a bees and flowers headpieces, bucolic and pastoral, I felt I look a bit like a Shakespearian character in "Twelves nights" and people said painting my eyebrow in such a bright colour really changes my features and is a bit disturbing.  
By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 
like always, Sue Harding now how to capture the moment making us look like atemporal characters from a children illustrated book.   

 I was at my desk playing with a soft toy barbie (only heads and limbs are plastic and the rest is like wooly toys) and bending it around my neck where the fit reach the head, I realised it was making a bracelet.  So I decided to adorned it with colourful chunky beads & pompons to make a bendy yoga bracelet barbie for Sue Kreitzman.  I am pretty proud of my invention because I think no one has never done it before! best things always happen when I daydream and idea just connect to each other by accident.  

Sue Kreitzman over the moon with her new bracelet 

Why do you have to go out when the world of style and fashion comes to you? extremely lucky to get portraits of beautiful & weird people wearing my design through the unique specs of Self.styled project

  musician @joeyfourr for Self.Styled 

I found this collector vintage gnomes of a great quality in a car boot sale, colours  of the clothes and shape gave me the idea of the neckpiece, in a car boot sale is always more  interesting when you find a lot, several of the same item.  I decided to create a story and revisit disney fairy tales.  I reworked the clothes of the gnomes.  In the original story, the dwarfs are working down the mine to extract diamonds.  
In the follow I imagined, they wear the diamonds on their outfits and are turned into a bling-festival version of themselves.

 musician @joeyfourr for Self.Styled wearing hello kitty necklace 

 musician @joeyfourr for Self.Styled 

Digital Artist miss meatface shoot for Self.styled wearing my dinosaur neckpiece 

Performer Von Wager shoot for Self.Styled wearing by Ken & Barbie bad romance necklace 

Artist Cherry Random shoot for Self.styled wearing my snow white & dwarfs neckpiece
Artist Cherry Random shoot for Self.styled wearing my dinosaur collar 

Artist Cherry Random shoot for Self.styled wearing my cat necklace

Artist Melting body shoot by Self.styled with my dinosaur necklace 

Emily Malice, tatoo artist photographed by Self.Styled wearing ice cream neckpiece & headpiece.  
🍦💕🍦 the torment of tantalus 🍦💖🍦 when you love ice cream so much and you can't have it ✨ 

Emily Malice, tatoo artist photographed by Self.Styled wearing mermaid headpiece & can can necklace 
Emily Malice, tatoo artist photographed by Self.Styled wearing ice cream neckpiece & headpiece.  

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