mercredi 4 octobre 2017

"I don't do anything like anyone else but I don't do it on purpose"

bespoke embroidered coat with tribal dolls headpiece By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 

With Sue Kreitzman By Richard Kaby 
July Colour walk had a particular taste as CNN style came to film Sue Kreitzman in her "natural environment" surrounded by her friends and colour walkers.  So people made an extra effort and put their best colours on.  I figured out my outfit on the day, styling a bespoke flower coat with tribal headpiece and vintage peaty coat.  

flash apparition on the mesmerising CNN Stylevideo of the wonderful Sue Kreitzman can't wait for you to be back in London! full link 

With Kala Kala By Richard Kaby 

By Anthony Lycett 

With Vicky'O Neon By Richard Kaby 

Sue Harding always capture the moment of colour walk and make an "old fashion" art furiously instant.  

By Richard Kaby 

By Richard Kaby 

close up of purple barbie hair necklace By Richard Kaby 

In July, the photographer Michele Martinoli organised a photoshoot featuring some of the Colour walker in an iconic  and well name place, God's Own Junkward.  To match with the neons, I went for a slightly different style (actually I don't have a style, as long as it is colourful) something more urban with a red PVC red and jacket customised with kawaii sparkly badges and a sequin dinosaurs baseball cap.  The only problem is it was one of the hottest day of the summer so PVC wasn't a very wise choice! 
Fast & Furious Bollywood version - by Michele Martinoli

I don't even have my licence and I pretend to be very badass in a "shut up and drive attitude" by Michele Martinoli

Ready for a psychedelic road trip - by Michele Martinoli

Kala Kala brought his legendary pimped up car and we all jumped in it ready for a joyful remake of Las Vegas Parano! 
"friendship is precious" by Michele Martinoli

by Michele Martinoli

At SHED London, the same place we had our fashion show, Anthony Lycett had his first Self.styled exhbition in London with brand new portraits.  Only this unique project has the ability to gather all the fabulous & extravagant character of London and "federate" the different style tribe, from fetish to festival  including burlesque or club kids. 

With the amazing Marnie Scarlett by Richard Kaby 
wearing my palaeontologist dress with colourful mammoths headpiece with dinosaur earrings
With Santistorm & Florent Bidois by Richard Kaby 

With Maria Kimatica by Richard Kaby 

Collaboration with drag & club kids:

I like my pieces to have there own life to be worn, enjoyed and seen , not gathering the dust  in a closet or sit on a mannequin.  So I am  more than happy to lend my precious babies to trustful and interesting individual. Also because I spend a lot of time making in my studio, I don't really have time to go out and enjoy the club life, so by having my pieces worn by other people, I feel I splitting myself and getting a gift of ubiquity by being a bit everywhere across London.   I am am always fascinated how they style my design with their own pieces and interpret it differently than me.  

The absolute gorgeous Santistorm just make my pieces look a million dollars with his irresistible twisted  kawaii style.  
Santistorm  with Jodie Harsh at the Box Soho wearing bespoke hello kitty neckpiece with kawaii castle headpiece 

Santistorm  wearing my marry-goes-round head piece 

I have been collaborating to a unique project by being a kind of "official supplier" of design for #365daysofdrag by Harry Whitfield aka Charity Case who challenges himself to create a new drag looks every day of the year.  Everyday he will completely metamorphose himself and embody a new character with a whole story around it. 

One day he could be a evil queen, a scary clown, an avant grade mermaid or a cynical  bimbo..   Obviously it is hard to find costume for every single day so I have been happy to provide  my pieces to contribute to few unique looks.
Follow the project on instagram

my butterfly costume used for a performance with the mythical menagerie 

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