samedi 25 février 2017

La Cage royale

WARNING, the following article contain strong colours!

by Anthony Lycett 

I had the honour to be invited to take part into the opening night of "La Cage royal"  at l'Escargot in Soho. 
" Throughout 2017, La Cage Royale will provide a regular home for the most exciting visual art makers, performance artists, musicians, activists, forward thinkers, sartorial eccentrics, their friends and supporters. A platform for new work, experimental theatre, intimate performances, cutting edge cabaret, recorded and live music… culminating to some fabulous dancing and celebrating!

by Anthony Lycett 
Focused on the philosophy of spontaneous creative expression, freedom, generosity and reviving the bohemian spirit of London through the mediums of poetry, music, singing, spirituality, open sharing platform, magic, dancing, performance art, costumes and much more, it will bring under one roof the warmest and brightest leading lights of the city.
Intimate performances unraveled  throughout the upstairs salons, including butoh dance, burlesque shows, avant garde performances, palm and card readings, cabaret, strip tease, a poetry salon a snake charmer, magicians, amazing drag queens, extraordinary costumes and live music galore! 

by Anthony Lycett 
The rule was "Dress to express and impress! This is your chance to take that unwearable garment out for a spin and join the dazzling sights!"

by Anthony Lycett 
I especially crafted this performance for the occasion, inspired by the surrealistic aesthetic of the building and the concept of "cage" that I translated into a tent dress and I came out with this "Psychedelic tea time" Alice in Wonderland  mad hatter inspired.  
I made the circus tent dress for a colour walk last year (see picture), but I decided to develop the potential interactive element of the costume as you can go inside of the children tent.  

by Anthony Lycett 
I had a miniature porcelain tea set where I was pouring bourbon in instead of tea.  I was inviting the audience gathered in the green salon to pick a card and then find the matching pair which was hung inside the dress.  When they pulled the curtain, they could discover a magical world with fairy LED light and alice in wonderland music coming from my phone hidden in my pans! 
When they found the matching pair, they had to drink the magical beverage in the tea cup as a shot to celebrate.  

by Anthony Lycett 

by Anthony Lycett 

In this performance I am exploring the concept of endangerment on two different level. first because I am getting vulnerable by letting audience go under my skirt, and interact, what about if a member of the audience goes to far?  should I interrupt the show or you have to keep performing?  
And also with the drinking and the risk of getting drunk and loosing control as  I was taking a shoot of Bourbon every time a person was finding the matching pair.  

by Anthony Lycett 
I got interesting reactions of the audience, Especially male, going under a woman skirt could be a fantasy but when it is clearly asked it become frightening and intimidating.

getting ready helped by Florent Bidois -picture by Zac Zenza

picture by  Zac Zenza

picture by  Zac Zenza

picture by Zac Zenza
picture by Zac Zenza
find the matching pair! picture by Richard Kaby 

picture by Zac Zenza 
picture by Zac Zenza 

picture by Richard Kaby 

A Colour Walk is an informal gathering of golden creative souls getting dressed or dressing up to inspire and be inspired. 
picture by Richard Kaby 

Even if Sue Kreitzman goes to the market every thursday as a ritualistic pilgrimage organising a colour walk make it a bit special! 

Colour people seems to appear from nowhere and gather around Las Iguanas.  Staff usually thing is it a kind of flash mob and clients get a bit overwhelmed with the amount of colours splashing everywhere!  

picture by Richard Kaby 
Still inspired by circus theme, this is my outfit for Last colour walk, an alternative ringmaster outfit.  A old vintage velvet dress hollywood style  I cut in half to make it a cancan dancer long top I could take into an glittery stars short.  So the outfit is between a dress and a two pieces suit playing between masculinity and femininity. 

picture by Richard Kaby 
With the amazing Lara Buffard making a documentary about some awesome creative people picture by Richard Kaby 

With the designer Florent Bidois 

picture by Neil Andrew 
great portrait by Sue Harding, I like the fact you can recognise me more by what I am wearing than what I actually look like! 

picture by Neil Andrew 

I made the Circus clown neckpiece with the soft clowns from the circus tent dress (I always recycle everything) that I stitched on a glittery base.  
picture by Neil Andrew 

Peruvians dolls charms neckpiece 💜💙💚❤️ made for @suekreitzman with Aztec style beaded & embroidered dolls headpiece

The neckpiece is an intricate piece of embroideries with traditional guatemalan worry dolls, a local legend about the origin of the Muñeca quitapena refers to a Mayan princess named Ixmucane. The princess received a special gift from the sun god which would allow her to solve any problem a human could worry about.
In traditional and modern times, worry dolls are given or lent to brooding and sorrowful children. They would tell their doll about their sorrows, fears and worries, then hide it under their pillow during the night. After this, the child will literally sleep over the whole thing. At the next morning, all sorrows are said to have been taken away by the worry doll

By Daria Marchik 

another day at the market with Sue Kreitzman, wearing my favourite Dazzle&Jolt pop corn skirt!

wearing my favourite 💕 L.O.M fashion playsuit with pompons with a bespoke skirt Rajasthan inspired that I frenetically embroidered during months and my little pony headpiece
picture by @anthony Lycett

Getting an invitation to Sue Kreitzman house is always a delight.  Less is less and more is just not quite enough don't wear beige it may kill you As Sue is always acquiring new art pieces her personal museum is evolving in a perpetual   vital spark.  
I know it would be a nightmare  and really oppressing for some people to leave in such a crowded and rococo space but for me, I just feel I fit in! 

Barbie face part  & limbs bracelets  made for Sue Kreitzman embroidered with  red sequins and beads picture by Anthony Lycett 

mercredi 11 janvier 2017

Creative experiments

By Anthony Lycett 
This year I decided I didn't wanted to wear a christmas dress but to be the christmas tree. 
To make the dress, I carved two fir side in foam  and I covered  them with hand stitched green-sequin fabric.  

By Anthony Lycett 
For our christmas card, the idea was to be the human christmas tree, having a lot of presents at my fits.  
Unfortunately it is all "fake presents".  To make the set, I basically wrapped up all the boxes I had at home from  moving box to the Nespresso coffee machine  packaging! 
By Anthony Lycett 

I tried to gather in an outfit all festive elements, miniature disco baubles from Paperchase, glittery reindeers table decoration and cut out mixed colours  tinsels that give an amazing texture to the dress.  

It is also a performative costume with metallic hooks where the audience can hang christmas decorations.  

At Pop Brixton, amazed kids were decorating the living christmas tree. For the parents, it is more alternative and original than just  an Elf in the Santa Claus  grotto! 

By Anthony Lycett 

Another bespoke headpiece, created for a proposal about the history of Caribbean Carnival  with model character & toys palm tree modelled by the very talented TheLionRaw 

By Anthony Lycett 

Theatrical third eye headpiece with flowers and golden Barbie torsos made for the brilliant performer Lara Buffard. The eyes is made of fabric and all hand-stiched on, adorned with artificial flowers and pompons.  

sequins fabric tube neckpiece with a colourful light garland so you can be fashinonable and see in the dark! 

By Anthony Lycett 

Always happy to lend my piece to talented stylist, here, Jessica Joy Style cleverly mixed some of my ethnic pieces with Mayamiko  fashion ethical designer with for a sustainable fashion photoshoot.  
 Photographer: Ben Lawrence Miller 

find all the piece on my online shop

elephant earrings 

ethnic feather headpiece 

with indian vs.cow boy neckpiece 

with golden barbie dolls necklace

with purple hair barbie dolls neckpiece 

with "four ages of the woman neckpiece" 

By Anthony Lycett 
I know it is a bit late (or a bit early)for Halloween picture but I didn't get the chance to publish them in a previous article. This year, for  Day of the Dead Halloween costume, I recycled plastic bones, polystyrene skulls & skeleton from the previous year show at the Barbican with  @unattendeditems. I didn't wanted to dress as a skeleton or a zombie but more as an allegory of Death with a Sicilan widow aesthetic with my hand stitched  "catacomb bustier" 

By Anthony Lycett 
With Anthony Lycett, we wanted to create an atmospheric shoot by using as a location the Abney cemetery park just behind our place.  This romantic  outgrown cemetery with unmaintained graves another dimension to the Grim Reaper costume.  

By Anthony Lycett 

In 2016, I took part of another dream project, a book about diverted & creative way of using Lego! Exactly what I am trying to do in my work! Very proud to have collaborated with the publisher Editions Hoëbeke for their book "Réinventer Légo" you can find my lego dress and my lego accessories and order it on amazon 

But the book I am definitely the most proud of is Self.Styled, the outcome of 8 years of photographing project by Anthony Lycett  documenting the eccentrics and individuals style! Get your copy on Amazon if it is not already done! 

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