lundi 12 janvier 2015

Bright young & old things

by Anthony Lycett 
Let me wish you an Happy New Year with my flower dress which is a costume for a  an evolutive performance, with a net structure where the audience add the flower according to its own creativity. (more picture on my instagram gallery) 

By Anthony Lycett 
In the middle of the dead vegetation at the heart of the winter, this flower dress blossom as a the promise of the spring return and the creative life after an hibernation time.  

By Anthony Lycett 

The best event of this beginning of the year: Sue Kreitzman window in Selfridges who basically transplanted her magical & psychedelic  living room on Oxford street for Bright Old Things.  
Among de monochrome formatted commercial windows of the Main street,   your eyes are automatically attracted but this outrageous symphony of colours and there is always a little group taking pictures or selfies in front of Sue's master piece.  Sue Kreitzman managed brilliantly to feat  of recreate an art gallery on the commercial high street and bring a wind of creativity and self expression to the masses! 

I am so proud to have my portrait with her painted by Ella Guru. No everybody can boast about having his painting  done by a  talented artist and even less can boast about having it exhibited on Oxford street! 

Sue's colourful tribe! Diane Goldie made the gorgeous kimono that Sue's mannequin is wearing, Ella made the painting and Anna supervised the whole installation! 

Wearing my own dress & head pieces at the launch event. The dress is made with lot of similar barbies heads alternating blond and brunette creating tassels! 

Dresses & accessories for the editorial "pretty in pink" styled by Christobelle Batchelor, pink is one of my favourite colours, not because it is girly but because it is beautiful! 
My mermaid head piece worn by Chantelle Pidgley 

Mermaids necklace worn by Chantelle Pidgley 

pink hair barbie necklace available on my online shop 

My creations used for a fashion shoot with the singer Pharella (check her Facebook page)  styled by La Zazu, I like to work with artists and performers because I seem my design are sometimes more relevant to stage costume than fashion outfits.  

legs earrings available on my online shop 

dinosaurs bracelet available on my online shop 

Plate hair  dress made for Butchers salon window (read the article here

Point Info: In Marie Claire China! ready to conquer the world! 

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