jeudi 25 décembre 2014

100 posts!

by Anthony Lycett

First of all the traditional Merry Christmas and happy New Year with my Christmassy outfit shot in the middle of the Kent forest.
by Anthony Lycett 

For this dress I used an outdoor fake fir tree who used to be on balcony in my parents house every Christmas and I stitched on the god fabric with the other tinsels and baubles.  

I turned it into a performance for the Children at Winterville in the House of Fairy tales tent. Children had to add baubles and tinsels to the living Christmas tree to recreate Christmas magic! 

Other Christmas dress made with iridescent scatters at the Rentez-vous Christmas event 

In september I had the great opportunity to design a costume for the New show  "Foxy Symphony". I already designed a first costume 2 years ago so it  great to be part of the adventure again.  

"Foxy and Husk gather together a medley of strangers in a beautiful and probing contemplation on class, community and the dream of a perfect nation. Using lip-synced stories alongside their trademark song, dance and interactive film, Foxy and Husk imagine a portrait of contemporary Britain in an increasingly globalised world." 

"Foxy and Husk is a playful performance artist who creates full length shows, experimental films and interactive installations, merging the disciplines of lip-synch, film, cabaret and performance art. As an animal/human hybrid, Foxy picks apart the absurdities of human life through an outsiders’ perspective. Her favourite tipple is milk." more on the Camdem people theatre website 

Inspiration: Christian Lacroix dress 

Because the show was based on the concept of British  identity and I wanted to play around the material of fur I wanted to create a patchwork of different lines of fabrics with different texture & colours.   Like the previous costume it wasn't about making a naturalistic fox costume but a anthropomorphic one with a very showy and cabaret aesthetic. 

For this dress, I was  inspired by exotic fruit outfit, Carmen Miranda & Josephine baker dance costume.
picture by Anthony Lycett 

I  incorporated  fake Hawaii flower crown and Vahine skirt that a friend gave me ages ago because she wanted to throw it away  and that I kept "in case". But not as the main skirt but as a decoration. By returning the function of the skirt i wanted to twist the cliche of the stereotypical exotic dancer bombshell.  

Because I had this massive collection of Marzipan fruit, I wanted to push further the idea of the fruit print and have actual plastic fruits on the dress.

Katy Perry wearing glittery exotic fruit dress 

picture by AnthonyLycett

Headpiece inspirations

Point presse:

My interview for the brilliant Celia Quijano Sorry to disappoint you but didn't write the bits in Spanish (i am a bit rusty since High School) but it is nice to feel so International! Read the article here 

Portrait of French people in London  by Bealondoner I am not the traditional French with her beret and baguette under the arm but thanks for the feature! read the article here 

mardi 9 décembre 2014

Open studio day

With Sue Kreitzman, amazing artist and great friend, picture by Anthony Lycett 

In november I wanted to try out an experiment.  because lots of people tells me "its looks good on you", "not everybody can dress like you" I wanted to proves this people the contrary. 
People have the fantasy of the traditional  artist studio, the creative den where the magic happen and discover the "behind the scene" of the work in process.  
By Sylwia Grzegórzko 
Some independent magazines ask me: can we come to shoot few pictures in your studio, they don't realise it is a messy room with decapitated dolls on the floor and my laundry  on the  hanger trying to dry in the humidity of London.  
But lucky enough, my very generous friend Sylwia Grzegórzko offered her  space in Camden to recreate my studio.  

By Sylwia Grzegórzko 

The event was really nice, we thought terrible weather will discourage people but it is without counting on the British intrepidity, and I was really lucky to have a very colourful crowd, of any age, any gender, and any style.

By Sylwia Grzegórzko 

By Sylwia Grzegórzko 

By Sylwia Grzegórzko 

The great Scorpio offering me a very cute brooch! 

People are not use to have their picture taken, they feel a bit embarrassed, "I am not a model" you know, but step by step they enter the game and I like every single portrait because it shows a playful & witty  aspect of their personality captured in an happy moment. 

The idea behind the pictures was be to create a mini-advertising campaign around my creations & self expression, creating an alternative way to consume fashion and recreate personal stories and emotional relationship with the objects we own.

Sue Kreitzman, outsider artist & curator by Anthony Lycett
Diane Goldie, wearable art maker  & fashion designer by Anthony Lycett

Performer & Artist Rosy Pendlebaby by Anthony Lycett wearing 3 vampire dolls necklace, 

I am wearing on a dress made with a shade of pink barbie objects trying to explore the concept of "Pinkisation", the glorification of pink in postmodern society.  It is a lot of work because you have to all the accessories  on by one but I am helped by the great designer Petita Lechatrose. This dress gather all the pink objects that make Barbie's pink world wear everything is pink from the radio to the cooking tools. It is also a dress that any little girls can refers to we all had this familiar objects in our room. We forgot about them but just seeing them again make this remembrance very vivid and make people really emotional.  

For the dress i was inspired by the work of Dan Tobin Smith who create massive installation with objects that he arranges by shade of colours. 

by ilkafranz

by ilkafranz

by ilkafranz 

by ilkafranz

Series of pictures taken at my Open studio event at Sylwia Grzegórzko by the brilliant portrait photographer Anthony Lycett the best for capturing the personality of an individual (Have a look at the Self Styled London). 
People could try some of my pieces interpret them with there own style creating a meeting point between two universes. I don't need model to wear my jewels and I don't want "normal people"..I just need expectational people!

Beautiful shoot with my jewels by Miele Passmore, pop colours & fun! 
By  Miele Passmore

By  Miele Passmore

By  Miele Passmore

By  Miele Passmore

By  Miele Passmore
necklace available on my lonline

In november I had also  the privilege to experiment the concept of an early rave putting my alarm clock at 6.30am to go partying at the Oval Space for Morning Gloryville London

No alcohol but coffee and people dancing like crazy encouraged by the The Fabulus of Unicorns , I had the honour to have my little pony dress worn by Rosy Pendlebaby an amazing artist! 
love London life!

THE FABULUS OF UNICORNS IS THE COLLECTIVE who's purpose is to spread the sparkle They  are a troupe of dancing unicorns based in London. Their job is to pump positive energy and magic into the often-dull London nightlife, and create parties out of nothing.

Some of their principles:
-Unicorns must always be adorned in glitter
-Always make everyone feel fabulous and sexy and spread the sparkle.
-Fabulouness attracts Fabulousness.

Rosy Pendlebaby wearing my little pony dress 

Le point info: In Disorder magazine,  talking about my work have a look at my interview

Read the full article here 
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