jeudi 29 septembre 2016

smoking/ no smoking

by Anthony Lycett 

Created around  Loulou Reloulou's movie around her mural painting at Bethenal Green working men club in the smoking area. 
The accessories represents days of collection of cigarette butts at bus stops and public spaces. If you are a smoker it is a good technique to get offered cigarette as people think you are too poor to buy your own! 

As often, I resorted to an aesthetic of accumulation of objects, using disgraceful junks to turn it into poetic artefacts.  from waste to to beauty.  
Stitched one by one, the cigarette butts that ruffles the bra give a dimension to the performer of an Amazon warrior.  

by Anthony Lycett 
The headpiece is like a trashy Madonna aureole made with cigarettes packets filled with cigarettes butts. Diverting the desacralised iconography, between Jean Paul Gauthier baroque headpieces and neon holy virgin.

I am seriously considering to create a quit smoking programme based on sewing cigarette butts on garments as the smell is at the limit of what is tolerable. Just imagine the disgusting smell cold ash tray multiplied by 100. 

Working at the BGWMC assisted by Corinne Icart 

Obviously I couldn't work from my studio because of the terrible smell so I was happy to set up my small residency at the legendary BGWMC stimulated by a very creative atmosphere.  

The leather jacket is not a "smoking" but a cigarettes jacket where the spikes have been replaced by butts. Or a cowboy jackets with cigarettes fringe, diverting the subliminal image of the Marlborough Cow boy smoking advert , you can't go more punk!

by Anthony Lycett 
Lady Gaga smoking glasses inspiration in "Telephone" video clip 

by Anthony Lycett 
screen shoot from the movie directed by Marc Blackie 

screen shoot from the movie directed by Marc Blackie 

screen shoot from the movie directed by Marc Blackie 

With the beautiful artist Ewa Wilczynski and performer Gavino Di Vino by Richard Kaby 

 June was marked by various flamboyant event like Advanced style's Ari Cohen book launch.  A great occasion for a gathering of wonderful characters creating an unusual attraction in Selfridges where normal customers came to buy their perfume of luxury handbag were wondering what was going on!

by Anthony Lycett 
My look for the launch: when the pearly queen Maharadjah meet the vintage moulin rouge aesthetic, I found this traditional Indian turban at Bricklane market that I adorned with a peacock that I found at Emmaus. I also stitched big pearls to accentuate the exaggerate luxury side of the piece as pearls necklace coming out of a pirate treasure chest.  

With the fabulous perfomer Gaffy Gaffiero by Richard Kaby 

With the talented photographer Anthony Lycett by Richard Kaby 

With the fashion designer Florent Bidois by Richard Kaby 

detail of my peacock turban, it look quite heavy but it is actually quite well balanced as acting like an helmet! by Richard Kaby 

Beautiful sketch by Sue Harding capturing perfectly the sparkling atmosphere of the launch, looking a bit like a revisited last supper painting iconography with Sue Kreitzman as the holy central character 
Mild summer time  in London allow nice gathering at Siptafields market around the charismatic figure of Sue Kreitzman for coffee, antiques, style and good chats. 

I made Sue a barbie torso hearts necklace inspired but Indian carved wood elephants that got a tiny baby elephant in their belly.  On a fabric base I designed a pattern  for the light empty barbie torso. 

Then it is like an open heart surgery when I carved the shape of the heart with a scalpel.  
The difficulty was to match the colourful heart beads stitched on the fabric plastron with the whole of the torso.   

heart torso necklace worn by the great Aidan Azureby Anthony Lycett 

I also made a very detailed embroidered handbag with poly pocket dressed in sequins  and my bling-up my little pony!  
when your handbag as more outside than inside! 
assisted by Korinna Icart

With the fashion designer Florent Bidois at Spitafields market with a 80s dress I found in the street and a watermelon golden turban 

With the classy vintage  Jessica Bonarius blue and yellow complement each other! 

wearing my summery mermaid necklace! 

portrait by Constance Doyle in Old street after my weekly journey to Spitafields market wearing my blond Frida Kahlo necklace. 

Amazing event at Southbank centre for Fashion undressed at "Embrace your inner weird"  where Rachel Snider presented my lobster dress and Amy Redmond my egg dress she wore for Miss Sink the Pink! To amazing artistic world and aesthetic that means and that I am lucky to contribute! 

dimanche 4 septembre 2016

“Nothing ever becomes real ' til it is experienced.”

By Anthony Lycett 
I did a job at Pop Brixton where I had to take off all the previous decoration and replace it by the new one. I had to take off all the gold and black tinsels, and the staff  was going to throw it away so I ask If I could keep it.  People always look at me as if I am weird tramp in a ball gown, "well if it's make you happy…" well it's make me VERY happy! 

By Anthony Lycett 
We took advantage of a trip to Brighton was the perfect place, in my mind it is quirky, it has a a big queer scene, and cabaret where you can find this type of sparkly and slightly outdated decoration, and linked with the world of fun fair and circus on Brighton pier, with the freak of the giant woman. It is like in theatre, you know there is a trick, very childish and obvious but you want to believe in the optical illusion.  

By Anthony Lycett 

The very generous Lynne Gillett  who as the amazing Barbary Lane shop, hosted us for the night and lend us a stool, on the morning it was just me, Anthony and the stool on Brighton beach. We have been really lucky with timing because during the night a storm flooded the road and we had free parking till 9pm and 8:40 it rain again. We basically had a window of opportunity of 40min!
By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 
Dave and Matt were looking for performers for their wedding at Number 90.  
I pitched a white canvas dress where people could paint on it  but the grooms said they didn't have any congrats book so would be good to be the live one! 

By Anthony Lycett 
I designed this structural dress based on white themed inspired by Lady Gaga's futuristic dress, origami style and imitating the shape of the folding of books page. For the structure, I integrated gardening netting inside the material in order to create a rigid structure for the guest to be able to write on the dress with a fabric marker.  
By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 

white widow in Abney Cemetry from Anne-Sophie Cochevelou on Vimeo.

Photoshoot in Abney cemetry in Stoke Newington, the white widow who lost her fiancé on her wedding day, 
backstage pictures in number 90, the 2 grooms, the fake bride and fabulus unicorns as witness, isn't not the best wedding picture ever?  

On the wedding day, I made an entrance coming down the stairs on the Mendelssohn's wedding march song turning into a dub step remix while the grooms where arriving on a canal boat on the River Lee welcomed by a procession of Fabulus unicorns , psychedelic but delicious vision! 
Then I asked to the guest to live a love message to the grooms directly writing on the dress and everybody littles one and grown-ups , got really into writing on a moving congrats book!

dacing on 70s disco music with the fabulus unicorns! 

I  made this football dress for the bingo edition themed around the Euro 2016, playing on my favourite aesthetic of accumulation of object.  

By Anthony Lycett 
The difficulty was to attach the balls without puncturing them, elaborating an intricate system of wire and net as if the ball were trapped in their goals.  

The fashion designer Florent Bidois assisting me with the football dress 

By Anthony Lycett 
We took the picture in Hackney Marshes famous for its succession of goals.  As the football seasons was over, there was not net left, but because my dress is made of goal, I thought I could be the net myself!  

By Anthony Lycett 

As I am always wearing heels, even to do sport, i thought I will attach a miniature football to my platform shoes as if I was compliantly juggling with the ball like a professional! 

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