mardi 13 novembre 2012

Book dress

I made this dress for a theme party "vices and vertues", I choose the wisdom virtues and made a dress from book pages. 
book shoes

First, I went to a second hand book shops, not to by a book for his contempt but for it's number of page. 
-"Which is the biggest book I can get for 1£? please." Then I have to destroy the book which I found quite criminal according to my literary background.
the nightmare of the intellectual 
Paper is quite an interesting material to experiment with,it's not the same than sewing fabric, it's more fragile and rigid at the same time. In a way it's coming back to the origin of clothes because a dress is a first made from a pattern which is paper. 

For this dress, I was inspired by the art of origami and the beautiful geometrical shapes this can create. 

I was also inspired by the trend in the 60's of the paper dress in the United States. In 1966, the company Scott Paper create a paper dress to promote its own products without knowing it was going to launch a trend of multicoloured clothes in the wake of Pop art. 

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