vendredi 16 novembre 2012

Barbie Jewels

As a kid I use to play with barbie, but as an "adult" I like to play with the concept of it. By destroying barbies, I guess, you destroy the feminine ideal imposed to you since your early childhood. 
In general, I like introducing narrative into jewels and clothes that arouse emotions.  When people see theses jewels I want them to build a story in their mind.

 People could be amazed, fascinated surprised, delighted, embarrassed by this fixed silly smile and creepy eyes that stare at you , disgusted, ill at ease but Barbie jewels leave no one indifferent. 

I find them quite baroque and Rococo, it's bring you in an other mysterious, bizarre and worrying world. 

Wen you wear them on a facebook picture, the automatic face detection ask you to tag your friends! 

Pictures by Iris Laverdant

CALL TO EVERYBODY: If you have some barbies you are not playing with anymore, Legos, little cars or toys, please give it to me, I will use them and give them an other live!
Contact me: anne_so_cvl@hotmail.fe

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