samedi 24 novembre 2012

Net Net Net

I think net is one of my favourite material, I use it for everything, 
A lot of people despise it, and are quite sceptical when I want to create something with net, for them it's quite a cheap material which remind them Avril Lavigne, Emo movement or Carnival in kindergarden. 
Viktor&Rolf spring 2010

Actually, I find it quite aerial, it's remind me bride princess dress and ballet dancer's tutu. Tulle is always a really good way to create volume effect and it's not an expensive material that you can find everywhere. 

So when I saw a box full of tiny bits in the costume department of CSM, I wanted to experiment with them and work on the texture. So I created the shape of colourful net flower that I stitch on black net with white pearl.  

By Constance Doyle

By Constance Doyle

By Constance Doyle 

From my point of view, net look good on picture, I use it a lot for costume and experiment, for this shoot in my roof in Paris (when I used to live there 2 years ago) I use this red skirt which is basically simple piece of net put together, without any pattern and I think it had a good dynamic and that it's really photogenic. 

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