jeudi 22 novembre 2012

Crazy Collars

I noticed in showcases of shops (I quite never buy new clothes in real shops I prefer flee market or charity shops). But I can see that this season removable solar it's quite a big trend. Maybe influenced by Alexa Chung, the standard bearer of preppy style. 
Alexa Chung
Miu Miu S/2 2010

studs rocky collars
I would like to create jewels for collar, make pairs  make a pairs with two items.  It could be a nice decoration for shirt, turning upside down the serious connotation of the collar traditionally worn by young reserved women, add humour to that formal stiff-necked accessories.  

By Iris Lavervant

My Egg collar at the London Fashion Week
On the blog  highsnobiety 
and on the blog fashionrevel 

image from the blog

Interview about my taste for costumes and my creations on the blog Dolls and Pop 

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