mardi 13 novembre 2012


As a child, I loved Legos and Duplos, I spent hours building colourful houses, zoos, train stations and even small lego cities. 

I like to match it with clothes clothes, theirs primary colours and their square recognisable shape have a wonderful aesthetic potential  like the "Lego shoes by Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga in 2008 inspired by those colourful bricks. 

I was inspired by Castelbajac  2008 collection which use lego print. I wanted to go further and stitch real lego on fabric. 
Lego are quite a universal game, everybody knows their shapes and played with them during their childhood. People are really emotional about it, when they see a lego jacket, their are immediately projected in their own past. It trigger off old memories, Lego is my Proust'madeleine. It can start conversation and create a social link between people who don't know each other. People stops me in the street and ask me: why are you wearing Lego? 
Why not? 
Everything is possible. I like the ideas of clothes with relief, something that you can touch and have a different texture. Lego shoulder-pads are not really practical in the tube but  I don't care I never take public transport! 

For the Lego dress, I had to make a hole in hundreds of lego with a small drill and sew them one by one on the fabric, listening hours of philosophy podcasts on my computer while I was doing this! 

By Iris Laverdant

My legos shoes at the London fashion week on the blog fashion revel 

My talented photographer (and lovely roommate) wearing the lego necklace, 
in this picture she is trying a ninja position, and I think she looks so COOL ! BE HAPPY WEAR LEGO 

Lego necklace and shoes at the London fashion night out on the blog street style fashion night out 

My friend (an amazing singer) Ioanna wearing the lego jacket at the LGR Music Awards 2012 it give you style on stage, it's just not really practical to hold the guitar!

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