lundi 12 novembre 2012

Fox lady

I had to make a foxy cabaret costume for the show FOX SOLO' @ FROCK ON FROCK OFF. The actress and director of the show leave me a great freedom with the design. I get inspired by the roaring twenties for the rustles and especially by Jean Paul Gaultier 2008 collection with its great fur coast.

I try to combine it with French baroque 17-18 century aesthetic. It reminds me Jean de la Fontaine Fables where the writer resorts to anthropomorphism in order to depict courtiers represented by animals. 

Actually, I didn't have to make a naturalistic fox costume but a costume which has the reference and connotation of it. So I use fur and orange tones colours to remind the characteristic of the animal but I kept it quite human like.

and last but not least.. the fury shoes which I find very cute!

More pictures on the facebook page 

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