vendredi 9 novembre 2012

Columbia, sequins & glitters

I'm like a magpie, when i'm going to charity shops, my eyes are automatically attracted by the rail with the ugly ice skater 80s sequins outfit or Mickael Jackson style jackets. 
For an halloween party, I had to dress as a Rocky horror picture show character. My love for glitters, sequins and shiny materials made me naturally choose Columbia. 

 I like her cabaret/circus style but I made my own interpretation of the character outfit,  making it the most shiny as possible!  For the costume, I sewed some black velvet on a golden sequin jacket and some shiny fabric on a jean short. 

By Iris Laverdant

I have three glitters jacket in my wardrobe that I also wore for disco theme party. 

For Portobello Carnival in september, I also wear a sequin 80's dress that I customised with black feather to make it more "Rio de Janeiro Carnival" like. 

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