mardi 20 novembre 2012

Dead Bride

Tim Walker Bride for Vogue

For Halloween, I made the costume of a dead bride. I was inspired by the Corpse  Bride in Tim Burton movie and the myth of the White Lady. I added a crown of flower to make it a bit kitsch and "did de los muertos" aesthetic in Mexican tradition. 
I added a lot of layers of net to make it puffed. The thing is, it's was not really practical to cycle to the party! I could hear a kid telling to his Mum "Look, Mum, a bride on a bicycle, that's wicked!" 
I like the fact of performing the character who you are dressing up. When I wanted to buy a bottle of wine to the supermarket for the party, they asked me my ID and I reply "Why are you asking my ID, you don't see that i'm dead, i'm more than hundred years so obviously i'm more than 21!" 

dead bride and snow white

For me it was a good chance to work with lace and the colour white (which i'm never wearing in everyday life, I prefer bright colours! I love lace, for me it's a really elegant, and noble material. It have something ancient, a bit outmoded which have to do with my passion for vintage stuff.

 In my imagery, it refers to Chanel classiness or old dress from grandmother closet. It can dress any simple clothes and it's really nice on collar. 

For my degree in History, I study the history of the lace making in the north of France, how lacemakers where spending hours doing everything by hand done by candlelight, so i'm really sensible to very details lace pattern even if now everything is mechanised. 
Lady Gaga Lace face

So, I sewed all the bits of white lace I had, which had different pattern, design hues of white on the net and I had white to embellish it. 

Here come the bride

Pictures by Iris Laverdant

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