mardi 6 novembre 2012

Welcome in my world

I'm currently completing my MA in Performance Practice & Design at Central Saint Martins and from my background in performance, the importance of clothing is how it allows you to stage yourself, to give information about who you are, or more precisely, about what you want people think you are.

I'm from Paris but I don't have at all the elegant minimalistic French style,  I'm more attracted by bright colours, mismatch prints, shiny materials, over the top dresses. I try to build clothes with material which are not fabric, crossing boundaries of the costume experiment.  I think that any object from everyday life can become a fashion accessory. Anything can be stitched on to clothes.
My everyday life: "Bye, roommate! i'm going to school, God how i'm going to carry all this mess on my bike!" 

 I love going to charity shops or flee markets and seeing the creative potential of everyday objects. i have always created costume with nothing, sometimes with things I found in the street. I like to give second life to old objects and divert them from their original function. In my creations, i'm using a lots of toys, as a common reference from the collective imagery, a reminder of childhood that everybody shares in every country.  I like the idea of transforming a piece of clothes into piece of art. With my creations I would like to foster peoples’ creativity and make them proud of themselves in feeling unique, original and different.

This is not a fashion blog, you won't find any advice to dress or good addresses to buy the last "hit" thing, I  just want to share my own vision of style through my artistic projects, with my creations and my inspirations.  
pictures by Iris Laverdant

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