mardi 13 novembre 2012

Electric crashed experience

I made this necklace from printed circuit boards, remains of my costume for a party "electric crashed experience".

For this costume, I went to Emmaüs in France and i ask to see the place where they trow away computers and old electronic materials. They show me the waste disposal with huge piles of broken machines. I came back home with two full bags of old electronic devices. 

Total recall katerina and chirs clarkson, tim marshall/ recycled  telephone components 

I took out the printed circuit board from the machines "old keyboards, cameras, phones, computers and I sew them on a golden body suit (I guess I get inspired by 80s science fiction heroine). 

 I put some fairy light around me, I liked he fact of becoming a live installation. The only problem was I have to be plug so I couldn't move so much , I also couldn't go outside, because they was a storm and everybody was afraid I would be electrocuted. So it's not the best way to enjoy the party, but for me the aesthetic of the costume is always a priority!

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