samedi 1 décembre 2012

Beyond the wearable

I found in a charity shops a whole bag of pool balls,  You can imagine the face of the guy when I told him "i'm going to make a dress with it". 

In fact it's quite a good material to experiment with. You can play the primary colours,  remembrance of childhood when i use to go to Mac Donald in the children play area ( I think I would still enjoy it today!). 

I like playing with volume, with the round shape,  quite contradictory with the flatness of outfit which has to act like a second skin. And also the fact of sewing plastic which is not fabric. 
With this jacket and this skirt, you can't sit, you can't wear something on the top and you nearly blind someone in his eyes at every movement you are doing. 

pictures by Constance Doyle
This experiment  made me think about extreme fashion its extravaganza and its drifts which arouse incomprehension sometimes even indignation. We can remains skeptical about clothes which don't seem adapted to the body. The former function of clothes is supposed to be highlight the body by something flattering, however sometimes, fashion seems to molest it, deconstructing his harmony, proportions and its original balance. Sometimes when i'm waiting at the reception of Saint Martins and I see the looping videos of degree shows of some students projected on screens, I just want to laugh when I see models who can hardly walk  , trying to keep a neutral expression with the grotesque creation they are wearing.  So, till which point can we consider something as a piece of clothes? 

We appear to leave in a world of quieter adornment and a subdued conformity. How far we can extend bodily expression? How much beauty, or how much ugliness and pain can we thrust upon ourselves and then strut before others to tell tales of hidden selves within us; selves that don't fit the daily face we usually put on? 

unwearable shoes

Designers  know that nothing in fashion will survive to sell unless it looks flattering, and even if touch uncomfortable, it must be safe and not draw too many glances out on the street, for now, When I design something for me, I don't have commercial requirement, so i'm free to create whatever I want. Ot can be fashion for fashion sake and don't need to be comfortable as i'm ready to pay the price o the spectacular. 

More like contemporary art, wearable creations are simply useless and unrelated to any socially meaningful or functional value. Like contemporary art, they are sometimes mark of protest, cries against commodification and consumerism -or in fact any societal norm that is too binding on the madness of an individual's fancy. 
Oscar Wilde said "art is perfectly useless"and costume just seek to adorn the body.
 If the spiritual overtones are seriously deflated and the irony is often so explicit it has drained all other peaking away,wearable art just leaves us with the pleasures of encountering an individual's imagination flying his or her own esoteric fancy. 

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