samedi 22 décembre 2012

Paris je t'aime

With my friend Constance, we tool those pictures last time I came to Paris for a week-end in october. We went there at 8 o'clock in the morning in order to have the minimum of people in the frame as possible and take advantage of the sunrise light. Actually, the Trocadero never sleep. In a twinkle of an eyes, the esplanade was invaded by eiffel tower street vendors, early-risers tourists or businessmen in a rush. Paris is waking up. 

For me this dress is a mist between a fanciful ethereal pinkish fairy and a rider escaped from a circus. The dress looks good on the pictures but it's actually really cheap recycle material. Basically I used 8£ Primark shoes, the same glitter body than for my Columbia outfit, and the skirt of the salmon dress,  made with the fabric old curtain. With me the expression "you are dress as a curtain become literal! 

For taking the picture we had to compete with a half-dozen of Chinese couples in weeding dress and groom coming for immortalise and stage the happiest day of their life in front of the eiffel tower. This frenzie around this stupid piece of iron made me realised that I had the privilege to live in a postcard, in a dream setting. 

Now that i'm not leaving in the "French capital anymore", my French friends make fun of me when i'm expressing my  surprise and my wonder while seeing  the Eiffel tower sparking for every hour of the day.  I have to say,  i'm a tourist of my own city.
 I realise now that I was really  privileged to see it from my window everyday. According to the time of the day or of the season, or the weather, it always had different colours and reflections. 

Then, I noticed that  lot of luxury adverts  resorts to the eiffel tower for background, Often  just added on the landscape  with photoshop because it doesn't match to the real location of the monument localisation in the city.  It's maybe one of the most famous monument in the world, a French symbol  internationally know. It sells well and seems to be a good commercial argument. It's funny to see how how a simple lattice tower criticised for its ugliness and intended to be dismantle after the 1889 Wold's Fair  became both a global cultural icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world broadly used by fashion industry. 

Eiffel tower used in many by-product. 

Eiffel tower heels
 I like the Constance Doyle's touch,  Only someone who deeply and sincerely love this city (which is not so hard actually)  can take those kind of pictures. I like her use of light, the confusion she creates between dusk and dawn which make Romeo asking Juliette if it's the lark or the nightingale which is singing.  Her mid--tones hues reminds me the evocation of light in Verlaine poetry  "Fêtes Galantes" in the way she catches stealthy  the flickering and fragile light  at the point where the frontier between night and day become blurry. I think shecan  really captures the essence of "the "City of Light" and when I see thoses pictures i fell like Romeo asking to Benvolio " Is the day so young?".

"Les balayeurs sont plein d'balais.Il est cinq heures. Paris s'veille" Jacques Dutronc

Pictures by Constance Doyle 

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