jeudi 6 décembre 2012

In the navy

Since my childhood, i'm spending all my summers on the sea side of Brittany (West coast of France), sailing and fishing. During this time sailor stripes jersey becomes my second choose, and it's the only moment of the year I swap my heels against comfortable wallies. 

By Constance Doyle 

Me trying to fix the model hair (quite scary!) 

Sailor style has always inspired fashion, It's a timeless basic extremely elegant. I think it has something to do with the classiness of the uniform in general. Thus, the sailor costume is really present in the collective imaginary and fuels all kind of fantasy, it always had a connotation of journey and  evasion. 

Since the end of the XIXe century, the sailor uniform conquers private closet going from military to civilian one.  In 1858 an ordinance fix the uniform in the navy.At first, it was adapted to children fashion. I have in mind, this image of  kids in sailor costume playing at the Luxembourg garden with wood boats and hoops . stripes, navy blue 

Jardin du Luxembourg by Constance Doyle 

Jardin du Luxembourg by Constance Doyle 
 In 1846 Queen Victoria decide to dress children with military outfit in order to glorify England 's power.
Death in Venice, Visconti 1971
 Then, the navy style was adopted by elegant women in French Belle Epoque and especially in theme parties. In the twenties emancipated women take this trend in there grasp. 

Since then, influenced  Haute Couture, and the sailor costume go from deck of ship to catwalk. Coco Chanel revisits the uniform with the "marinière" in 1917.  In 1966, Yves Saint  Laurent"  adapts the sailor protection outfit "cabana" for women. 

Chanel & YSL  navy style
Castelbajac Navy style (him again!)  with the anchor dress, definitely one of my spiritual guide!
Jean-Paul Gaultier make the stripes jersey the essential centre pieces of its collections. Indeed, I like the idea to divert a work clothes from it's former function  into something elegant and purely aesthetic. 
Jean Paul Gaultier navy style

my N2 golden fish necklace and my pearl lobster I made with toy tea set

my cat & golden fish N2 earrings
By Iris Laverdant
necklace made with all the "navy stuff" I found"
my little girl N2 brooch on a vintage navy dress

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