jeudi 17 janvier 2013

Not another brick in the wall


80's style revisited in 2013
The marketing director of Lego  explains" The success come from the fact that we never changed the original structure of the brick. Even if the themes that we offer to children and adults  change, even if we are now targeting little girl with pastel colour products, the stackable brick please the most because it makes people creative. It's an hybrid object which easily find its place is customisation era". 

Ze team 9 alford court à encore frappé! this time is Camille my other flatmate that I leverage in order to spread the  legomania! 9 Alford court power! 
 Lego is an iconic game, a point of recognition widely shared with other members of one society. it means, never having to say "What is lego?" or "I don't know what you are talking about". Icons provide common ground. They let people experience commonality, amidst diversity, shared interests, amidst conflicting ones, participation in the same broad culture amidst many subcultures.

The parking jacket 

For example, everybody share the same painful experience to wake up and to walk on the square brick!
No? no one?  
oh it's just me….

It bring you in a surrealistic cartoon world, where everything is colour saturated and make you feel like a K-pop singer from south Korea. 

For example the band G-DRAGON and their really politically committed slogan "CATCH YOUR CRAYON. I really want to do costume design for theses people. Wearing Lego you have the same kind of motto "WHY SO SERIOUS? 

You give the opportunity  to people to experiment a different reality with it's own logic, a world were legos are attached to clothes and littles cars to jackets, your create your own conventions and because you make it possible, people just have to accept this new reality. 

You are not ugly or ugly anymore, you are the "the girl with the lego jacket". 

It obliges people to be creative, to be more inventive and renew their jokes. For example when you were the little car jacket people ask you " do you have the vehicle's documents?" And you make up a story, "no, sorry I failed twice my driving licence", and this kind of surreal conversation can just happen if you are wearing a little car jacket. 

When i'm going to BRICKlane market to buy fruit and vegetable (yes Mum i'm trying to have a balance diet), i'm like: can I have a kilo of apple? and the man shout to his colleague "A kilo of apple for the lady with the cars jacket', chop chop. 
-Yes, right now, VROUM VROUM!" 

It feed everyone creativity, everyone comment on it, bring its input, you can start talking for 10min with the cashier at the supermarket "why don't you do the same but with bicycles toys? 
me-that's a good idea, i didn't think about that, i'm going to try!" 

Boys are to be more inventive of if they want to flirt with you, they can't stick to the traditional "hey girl, you are lovely", once I had, "aver dos chaussures lego, j'ai bien envie de vows emboîter le pas" (can't translate it in english like follow your step because you're shoes are stackable). 

To stick lego on clothes I make a whole with the nails that I make white hot with my gas cooker (usually i'm doing it at the same time that i'm cooking pasta in order not to waste energy). 
Little car jacket make you your life adventurous, it make you experimenting a safari in central London!
a simple bamboo bush become a jungle
London is a rainy city, there is nothing that you can do about it, but you can always take it to the bright side and jump at the opportunity to wear lego wellington boots. 
Miss Peel, Chapeau melon et botte de cuir remake, k-way rose et bottes de caoutchouc! 

I found those boots in the street, in the garbage, this is the advantage of cycling, you can't stop whenever you want (as fast as your breaks allow you)  if you see something that catch your eye. There were covered with stupid drawing made with black marker but perfectly my size. when i came back with my trophy, my flatmate was "you are the only one who can do that..." 
It's crazy what people are throwing away, and I like to give a second chance and a second life to object  so I washed them and I covered them with legos! 

after cycle in heels, cycle in wellington boots! 

We took probably took those pictures the coldest day of the year but Lego is enough to bring the sunshine!

"j'habite dans un légo
ça me flatte l'égo
et si c'est pas légal 
moi ça m'est égal" => chorus of a song I wrote when I was a teenager and I wanted to have a band (don't know if it would have been really successful..)  


Gabrielle, my poor godchildren, just 1 year old and already the victim of my crazy creations...anyway, there is no age to wear lego! 
Legos also suit animals actually i had to run after my cat Gustave, during the week following theses pictures, it was looking at me like, what this crazy girl is going to do to me again?
To obtain this result I had to shake a croquette above Gustave's head, i think I could be a good cat trainer! 

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