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Psychedelic Christmas

by Anthony Lycett 

This year, I decided to adorn the christmas dress entirely with christmas baubles, there is more than 200. (see last year christmas dress here)  I chose them carefully with bright and solid colours.  The crinoline covered with fabrics is decorated with LED lights in the dark.  

By David Phos Photography 
The crinoline and the bustier are covered with metallic hook where the audience can hang the christmas bauble.  

By David Phos Photography 
 For my christmas performance at the bar 90 I was going around the bar with basket filled with christmas baubles asking the audience to decorate me as a living christmas tree.  Going from a bare structure to a festive christmassy dress!

By David Phos Photography 

I should research more the power of costume in a sociologic and psychologic  prospective, but the adorned garment is a great medium to share love and happiness.  Confronted to beauty and colours, lot of people wanted to hug me and Simon (I guess alcohol help) but you can  see joy in their eyes and smile on their face…maybe this is the magic of christmas.  

By David Phos Photography 
For Simon Santa Claus costume I wanted to make it festival/hype/tribal/eastlondon like.  I customised a normal christmas santa costume with pompoms, tassels, pearls, sequins & beads, writing on the back "magic santa".  
Announcing the winner of christmas jumper competition  David Phos Photography 
It actually took me 1 hour to stick my baubles eyes brows on my actual eyes brows with PVA glue. With the weight of the baubles I literally had to keep my hands pressing my eyebrow for an hour, stopping me to do anything else! 

Santa Claus writing the number of the Bingo, WTF?  

by Anthony Lycett 

After the Barbican Halloween Ball, I was extremely happy to collaborate again with the amazing Future Us event company.  We performed at the Islington Square Festival of Culture.  

by Anthony Lycett 

I originally design the present dress for Bar 90 1st anniversary, but everybody thought it was a christmas dress so I thought it would be good to recycle it for Christmas time! 

Performing with Mark Gregory, we were encouraging people to write or draw on colourful tag what for them Islington in the future looks like, smells like, tastes like, sounds like of feels like and then hang their tag on a magic tree. 
pink Shoes by Natacha Marro picture by Anthony Lycett 
by Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 

By David Phos Photography 
In december, I also performed for Le Bonbon magazine party at the bar 90. Because the le bonbon in French means "candy" I decided to do another candy dress performance (see the first one here) 
Basically I stitched and glued a lot of candy of different colours on a structure and people could eat me alive. 
By David Phos Photography 
 For the crinoline I used a PVC plastic base for fabric. My idea was to get some edible glue and stick the candy on the base.  But unfortunately the edible glue didn't work and all the candy started to fell of the dress one hour before I had to go to the bar.  So as a last resort, I used some UU glue to stick the candy back, glue that is not made to be eaten. So I was going around with basket full of candy but people were still eating from the dress..I didn't have any complain from food poisoning so I guess no one got sick at the end! 
By David Phos Photography 

By David Phos Photography 

By Anthony Lycett 
I found the wheel in he street near a bind that I turned into a headpiece adding LED lights, that can refers to London eyes or a Bingo wheel! 

Explosion of colours with the mystical Kala Kala 

I made this dress to perform at the birthday of an advertising agency organised by Fee Fee La fou enterprises.  

The theme was related to "Gods own junkyards" as were making & hiring neon signs for the party.  They wanted to costume to be glamourous, feminine, fabulous and glowing in the dark… DONE 

 For my performance I asked the guest to open the boxes directly fixed on my dress filled with goodies and sweets.  I also had red heart ballon filled with helium & glitter that I blow up to glitter mom the audience!

Few weeks after I actually had the opportunity to visit the real "Gods own Junkyard " in Walthamstow to meet the amazing  complete artist Estelle Riviere, painter, performer, fashion designer, The place is a MUST see in London, 

"New & used neon fantasies, salvaged signs, vintage neons, old movie props and retro displays. 
Neon art made from found objects, retrieved and renewed waste and lights. 
Fairground & circus lighting, architectural sign salvage. Led & cold cathode luxury products. 
Designers & makers of all things with light."

Christmas is also the time of Christmas market, this year I shared a stall with the great Dazzle & Jolt at Winterville in Victoria Park.  

A special kind of Santa for a special kind of presents! 

By Juliet Murphy 
I also took part in Wasted chic "London's centrally located pop up sales with a focus on fresh design talent, affordability, and a vibrant, social atmosphere"
By Juliet Murphy 

By Juliet Murphy 
My friend Florent Bidois came to visit me and was proudly wearing the days of the dead  beaded skeleton necklace I made him for his birthday.  
By Juliet Murphy 

Unique accessories for unique people! By Juliet Murphy 

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