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picture by (c) MOSAIQE

I had the opportunity  to exhibit  some of my pieces for Fashion Revolution Day with Rentez-Vous in Oui Madame in Stoke Newington.  
I could see the direct reactions of people toward my pieces and exchange with them. 

Fiona Designi, the creator and manager of Rentez vous explaining the concept to the BBC: 

"Rentez-Vous is the Peer-to-Peer and designers clothing rental marketplace that allows girls to change clothes everyday without breaking the bank while making money from their wardrobe

Your wardrobe is full of nice clothes that you just don’t wear enough. Rather than leaving them to collect dust in your wardrobe, wouldn’t you love to make a bit of cash by allowing someone else to get some use out of them?"
from the blog of Rania Kouros where you learn more about the event.  

picture by (c) MOSAIQE

For me, it can be a great opportunity because my pieces are quite fierce and people doesn't dare to wear them. But if they have the possibility to experiment them for few weeks, they can realise you don't need to be super-ex centric to wear them and it can adapt to your style.  I have also so many collector  and unique pieces that I hunted for years in vintage markets and thanks to Rentez-vous I can give access to them to more lucky girls! 

Even boys like it! 

I don't want to do the hispterish verse about environment but renting rather than buying  is a nice way to be eco-friendly without wearing horrible fair triad organic hippies clothes or from the bio-hair-ass-sheep from Larzac poncho.  

Lego duo 
Then it was like Christmas, you could try designer clothes in a nice atmosphere. Pieces you think you can only dream of in your most crazy dreams but actually become affordable thanks to the renting system. 

Feeling like on the red carpet in this amazing 
Ashley Lloyd unique creations. 
Original and colourful patchwork dress by Ada Zandinton

"By less, choose well, make it last Vivianne Westwood "

picture by (c) MOSAIQE

picture by (c) MOSAIQE

picture by (c) MOSAIQE

asymetrical, versatile, practical as well as physically and emotionally durable blue dress by

"Taking inspiration from the powerful 21st century woman who uphold frantic work/social lives, we want to help them make the transition between day and night, work and leisure, casual and formal. We cherish individuality and wish to challenge our audience to get creative with the styling of their wardrobes and discovering new ways of wearing their garments. Our multi-functional pieces aim at contributing to a new consumerism philosophy advocating quality over quantity." by Antithesis 

My experience with Rentez vous featured on their website: 

picture from the article by Anthony Lycett 

I've been interviewed by Kapritv, Anti-commercial fashion television network. Fashion influenced by art

"Anti -commericial fashion is an term for innovative fashion, which is explicitly contrary to the creation of the day, to the commercial, to the fleeting, to the frivolous and feminized, to seasonal business..
Kapri tv brings together the fashion artists that are creating the aesthetics of the next decade."

I received the lovely team in my studio. I know it still look messy but it is actually normally more messy than this.  I find it  classy to say 'I am just tiding room when I have interview".

I feel honoured that my video have been classified on the website in the section "Fashion & Art" 

Screen shoot from the video: Me showing how you can make a  Bling Bleach clutch Bag with a Bleach bottle

Check the facebook page
I've been featured in "The Street have no name" magazine which capture individual looks from East London.  I remember that,  day I wasn't in the mood at all to be photographed. Basically Sue Kretizman's coat had just been stolen from Cult Mountain while we were having coffee and I was running up and down Bricklane like a mad woman to see if  by any chance the guy we spotted on the CCTV was still around.  But Chloe was really pleasant  and told me it will just tale few seconds.  Si I am happy I stopped. 

Read the magazine on ISSUU (my feature is page 24) 

On the blog of Marie Paula, a street style photographer from Brittany! See what she said about our meeting here and discover other amazing looks she captured.

It was so nice to meet the person behind the camera, i discovered someone really friendly and not fussy (when I go to photograph people at fashion week in winter  I put 4 layers of jumpers and no hills,  I don't care about looking good , I just need to have the job done", more interested in the personality of people she photograph than actual fashion.  

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