mercredi 30 avril 2014

Blue is the warmest colour

By Al Essandro 
Sometimes your best ideas come from people you don't expect. 
I was about to cut some dolls  head with pink and purple hair for my next bingo dress and my flatmate looking casually at the creepy operating table  "the head are a too big, why don't you die blue some barbie hair"; 

Période bleue
I don't know if she was expecting me to try it immediately , otherwise she won't probably submit it.  "That is genius, And I run in my room to find  some dying I bought in a tourist shop in camden when I first arrived to London and wanted to get the full "SaintMartins look".  

I let them dried in the draining board, so that is the kind of scene  you can expect when you live with me and you wake up in the morning.  

Then I thought, if I am wearing a blue dress with blue hair barbie on it, logically I should also died my hair in blue to match it! My flatmate came again with a brilliant idea: I had a Sea punk party and we coloured our hair with oil pastel. 

Basically on wet hair, you rub the pastel on, it is not like a spray so your hair 
Everybody was very impressed and didn't believe me when I say it's just chalk, 
you can find a lot of tutorial online:  I am such a badass, I don't use plastic glove to protect my hands!)" 

By Stefano Sini 

The only thing is that is not really staying on, so if you run your hand through your hair, your hand will be blue, and when you are sweating your neck become blue (this is not really glam but I think you had to know) The good thing is when you wash it, everything go away you feel you are taking a blue lagoon shower! 

By Stefano Sini 

If you are cycling under an uncertain weather you are praying "please I wish is not going to rain, can you imagine yourself arriving to a meeting dripping blue?  

This dress was found by my Mum in a charity shop but it has sleeves and a really restrictive collar, so i completely changing it transforming the collar into a floaty veil on the low cut at the net. 
And I had the blued dyed barbie hair.  

Blue Bingo with Luxuriouxsnacks in Restaurant Bar 90, fun, music, drinks and amazing kitsch prices! 

By Stefano Sini 

Blue hair and red coat 
I don't know how to play chess, this is just for the picture 

By Al Essandro

I likes the primary colours on the black dress  creating a graphic gems pattern, feel  like a postmodern stained-glass window.  
Dress made with the help of Berenike Corcuera.   

That what remains when your drill holes into Legos. 

About the Primark case, I am glad to see that my Primak bag dress (read the interview on Primark website have been liked by more than 16.300 people on instagram !
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  1. You look amazing as always. I adore this blue creation, my favourite colour, it makes me dream <3 I have been wanting to use chalk in my hair, I think I will get some and try it. Bingo is a lot of fun. I enjoyed your Primark feature, so cool. I hope you have a great week doll xx


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