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Soul in a box

by Anthony Lycett 
I always make a costume for Valentine day, after using red hearts last year, I decided to go for another symbol of love and Valentine day: red roses.  Symbol of passion, it is associated with Aphrodite in the Ancient Greece, also the symbol of femininity as it is powerful but fragile at the same time, 

"Au nom de la rose "by Anthony Lycett 
198 million roses were produced for the Valentine's Day holiday, which make it the most popular flowers.  But the plastic one are associated with awkward moment when fly-by-night street seller force them on to you at the terrace of a Café.  

post inspiration Moschino SS18 by Jeremy Scott -You know this feeling when you feel you can have created something but a big brand just to it bigger and better just because they can afford too.  
On a Valentino shape sheath dress, I stitched the hundreds of plastic roses one by one.  
The idea was take the dressing in florals to the literal extreme and  turn into a giant climber rose bush 

"Mignonne, allons voir si la rose"  by Anthony Lycett 

"The Valentine lady has been making a bouquet dress from all the flowers she received from secret admirers"

For the shoot down in early february in sleeping vegetation, the idea was to show that flowers like love can blossom in the heart of the winter in hostile places.    
We liked the tortured aspect of the dead tree with its knotty timber which turned Eping forest into a  dark fairy tales place with an Annie Leibovitz


"Roses are red" by Anthony Lycett 
Then @juliettelaguardia used my Valentine flowers headpiece  for her @self.styled
🌹 headpiece epitomising my vision of femininity ✨ powerful & glamorous ✨

Far from the romantic aesthetic of the Valentine shoot, a more poppy and joyful shoot where I keep exploring the efficiency of fried eggs as a pattern.  

fried eggs mood board, its use in fashion and pop culture

The bright yellow on a white background, and even if they are a controversy at the moment with "free range" eggs, it is present in every  food culture across the world which make it simplified design as recognisable as an international brand logo. I used jokes & hoaxes plastic fried eggs that I stitched on the top, so it is not a printed pattern but actual fake fried eggs! 
by Anthony Lycett 

The fried eggs on the background that I ordered on Ebay from China  supposed to be stressed ball where to squishy to be stitched on, so I could just use them as decoration.  Bonnie didn't really appreciate them! 

The fried egg necklace used as a belt in the previous shoot modelled by 🍳💛the surrealistic EGGxcellent @metaraph_ with his own headpiece.  

Steffy Shaw with her own make up and "look at me in the eyes" neckpiece by Anthony Lycett 
In the same vibe, Steffy Shaw is a great fine art artist currently studding 3D Effects at LCF. As she was helping me on a project, Anthony offered her to do her face while he was doing some Self styled portraits and shoot her when she was ready. Steffy created this great  colourful scary pop arty look that I styled with two of my statement neckpieces.  
Steffy Shaw with her own make up and foam toys cube  neckpiece by Anthony Lycett 

On souls in a box project (tmblr link) by Ale Sandra 

On souls in a box project (tmblr link) by Ale Sandra 
I had the pleasure to take part in Souls in a box project and invited Ale Sandra in my space.  
People might feel because you are working from home you are not successful but I guess for a young designer living in London it is a necessity as studio space are more expensive than an whole house in the countryside.  

On souls in a box project (tmblr link) by Ale Sandra 
And then I feel I upgraded a lot going from my bedroom when I was flat sharing to my living room.  At least I don't have to move everything out of the bed when I want to sleep and I can hide the laundry with all the drying pans in the bedroom when I receive client.  Also I have to say, I  absolutely love working from home.  As I se my work and my life and my work as a continuity I don't feel I need a separate space.  I love to me able to organise my time the way I want, even if sometimes I wake up late, I feel less guilty thinking that some other people have just lost an hour and a half on public transport to get to their work space.  I also love the fact be to able to work in my pyjamas, make my own coffee with my own coffee machine and practically never get these annoying "something for you"  cards from the postman. 
With my beautiful Bonnie who like to perch on own of my mannequin On souls in a box project (tmblr link) by Ale Sandra 

On souls in a box project (tmblr link) by Ale Sandra 

You have to check this project as some creative minds actually have some amazing spaces. My space is not that great as I am more about clothes than interior design.  Curtains are really ugly looking making it look like a 70s dodgy motel but this is a rented flat, and I actually like to keep the space quite neutral, trying not to get to comfy in case getting landlord notice (you never know in London). Ale actually came 2 hours before our agreed meeting so I didn't had time to organise and tidy the space properly.  We kind of staged it together but it reflect my organised mess which influence my creative process. I need to be surrounded my things in order to visualise how I can put them together, it can look a bit chaotic but there is an internal logic.  

On souls in a box project (tmblr link) by Ale Sandra 

On souls in a box project (tmblr link) by Ale Sandra 

On souls in a box project (tmblr link) by Ale Sandra 

What I like when people come to photograph me in my space is that they freeze at a time T a moment of creations according to the outfit I got on the mannequins, I know what I was working at the time.  
On souls in a box project (tmblr link) by Ale Sandra 
"SOULS IN A BOX is a photography and anthropology project that draws insight into people's lives focusing on their own personal intimate living space; Every box is a collection of memories, dreams, obsessions, hopes and points of view. 
This is a reportage about creative people and their stories but also a big window on our avant-garde contemporary world.
On souls in a box project (tmblr link) by Ale Sandra 
The purpose of this project is To show how different spaces can represent people's personalities, but especially, to explore a contemporary and extraordinary generation from the "inside" and through many different lives.
I am looking for people living in a very unique-authentic-creative, extravagant, bizzarre Box space

I am looking forward to meeting people from any nationality, social extraction, culture, taste or art stream."

finishing this article with my cat watching this flamingo headpiece before knocking it off during an attempt to photograph my new hat collection that you can find on my online shop

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