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Colourful winter

Days are short, weather is damp, but winter doesn't have to be dull in gloomy, there is always a way to brighten it up with warm colours and sparkly accessories! 

by Anthony Lycett 
 For Christmas cards, I couldn’t resist to create an assorted Christmas coat to my beloved Bonnie 😻 where I stitched some white pompons and glittery fake fruits on a piece of red sequins.  
My costume is an assorted red headpiece & cape hand-stitched vintage christmas 🎄 decorations, fake apples 🍎 cherries 🍒 and red fruits 🍇 found in a charity shop.  
❤️for all PETA members, my precious kitty got rewarded by a lot of raw chicken 🍗 for all her hard work after the shoot, I think she like a bit of glitters! 

With this very festive costume, I did christmas market for 2 week end at Winterville in Wasted chic tent with  Clara Chérie  who came from Paris to sell her handmade creation.
Even if Chritmas market is not the best place to dress up, as it is cold and you want to be comfy to stand all day I always make a point of wearing my design to fit my image of the brand.

In Wasted chic  tent with  Clara Chérie  

For this Christmas costume, I didn't wanted to use red and green colour code. I wanted to express the bling side of Christmas, gold, fabulous, luxurious. 

The idea started from finding some glittery gold reindeer decorations in Poundland, I knew it would work if I got a lot of them to create a kind of glittery pack. As always, the sale assistant that had to come help me at the self check out as all the decoration got tangles and I left the till full of golden glitters! As always, sales  assistant are really surprise when I raid the shop, making the christmas decoration out of stock

by Anthony Lycett 

For the structure, the idea was to create a wave of gold.  I used metallic garden wire from B&Q sprayed gold, covered with gold net fabric.  The structure was pretty simple but pretty efficient! It is quite funny because this costume has been a massive hit on instagram and only took me a day to build, whereas sometimes some outfit take me months but don't reach the same level of "likes" on social media.  Many people couldn't figure out what material I used and how it hold together.  It looks actually better in pictures than in reality,  mini means, maxi effect.

By Den Grayson 
December was also the time of the celebration of the release of "Voices of East London" by the brilliant Maryam Eisler I had the opportunity and the honour to be featuring wearing my sparky duck dress along side Florent Bidois thanks to Sue Kreitzman iconic iconoclast figure of the East End for many years who has the main portrait.  

The pictures was taken a morning of July in one of this new built swanky Hotel of Shoreditch, symbol of gentrification, not the kind of place I hang out, but nice background for a picture! 

"Voices East London connects the dots around the creative perspectives that make the area unique while providing colourful glimpses into its past by means of dynamic interviews with eighty of the area’s leading movers and shakers." 

calling from my Shell phone By Den Grayson 

To celebrate the book, I had the chance to take part in a wonderful event! 
"Across eighty stalls focusing on art, fashion, lifestyle, food, music, publishing and charity fundraising, the Voices East London Market Festival will pair the characters and ideas shared in Maryam Eisler’s new publication Voices: East London. Co-curated by Mei-Hui Liu, founder of Secret Rendez-Vous, the event brings together the now famous creatives who began their careers at Old Spitalfields Market in the late 1990s. Part exhibition, part retail pop-up, part performance, this is a chance for established as well as upcoming East London personalities – all of whom have been involved in the area’s eclectic creative history – to come together and celebrate at the iconic Old Spitalfields Market."

By Monika Schaible

It was an extremely cold on the day. The challenge was to stay stylish but warm, because if you don't feel comfortable, you won't feel like selling but also if you don't look like your brand, you don't feel like selling either! 
So I found the perfect outfit: vintage 70s style ski suit with big pink fluffy scarf & flamingo headpiece, efficient & colourful! 

December also came with its batch of Self.Styled portrait:

pink hair barbie fluffy neckpiece 💝💕 modelled by the amazing @an0mie shoot by @anthonylycettphotography for@self.styled 
💕💛 pink & yellow hair are the best combo 💛💕

The psychedelic beauty@an0mie 💖🌸🌼🎀💛modelling my miniature object neckpiece on pink faux fur 💞 ✨shoot for @self.styled by@anthonylycettphotography
by Anthony Lycett

Mermaids are very important mythical creature in Sue Kreitzman personal mythology.  For her, it is the symbol of freedom of female in control of their own sexuality.  

I created a special haute couture outfit for all of them, with ruffles, iridescent fabrics and sequins 
headpiece detail by Anthony Lycett

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Point presse:
close up details by Anthony Lycett

I found this purple sequins ice skater style dress with a lot of frills at the Roman road market. People who knows me knows my obsession for sequins dresses. Even if I already have a dozens on my rail (which always impress guests as my clothing rail is on the corridor), I can't stop myself to get more as my magpie eye is irresistibly attracted by shiny material. 
It is a bit like an irrational addiction as you can't wear them everyday (well I can) , especially because  sequins is not the most comfy things. 

I am wearing the dress with a jane Bowler headpiece for a retro-futuristic look.  picture  by Anthony Lycett 

Sometimes I feel you just have to work on the continuity of the design and use their existing asperities, significant anomaly (here the sequins frills).  I had theses ballerina dolls for a long time (distributed as gifts in happy meals) , but never find the right use for them. I found the colours combination and the fact they are dancing will match perfectly with the structure of the dress, creating some dancing dolls fringe, flapping with the movements of the frills. 

 At January Colour Walk with Emily Zhao who came all the way from Australia (not especially for the colour walk but still!) We followed each other on instagram, the magic of social media that connects creative mind across the world! 
by Richard Kaby 

sketch by Sue Harding 

With Sue Kreitzman by Richard Kaby 

by Anthony Lycett 

by Anthony Lycett 

Kitten likes to catch everything that moves. And when you get dangly rings they want to play with your jewels rather than their fluffy toys! 
by Anthony Lycett 

New interview about my work on Mess Magazine…/ perfect for the little miss messy I am 

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