mercredi 6 septembre 2017

Into the wild of wilderness

wearing my little pony headpiece & neckpiece, & numbers ruffle collars with Kiss&glitter make up   picture by Anthony Lycett 

For the second year, I went to trade at Wilderness festival in the Secret Emporium tent.  The weather wasn't as good as the year before and caused lot of trouble with the set up and impacted people's mood but I still had an amazing time. 
With my favourite girls gang  from the secret emporium, Ciara is wearing her own headpiece & my hello kitty necklace, Jessica from Dazzle&Jolt is wearing her own designed dress with my ice cream neckpiece & jacket with Ciara's headpiece and Poly is wearing dazzle&Jolt and my pearly jacket  
picture  by Anthony Lycett

by Anthony Lycett

by Anthony Lycett

At my stall in the Secret Emporium tent  wearing my flamingo costume by Anthony Lycett

The benefit of having a stall rather than just selling online is you can meet your customers in person and people who love your work and feeling part of a community?  I was extremely surprise of the amount of people that said they were following my work on instagram. Some were nearly hysterical to meet me which was quite strange but quite touching.  
It was great to see customers from last year coming back, like an amazing eccentric Australian woman treated herself with  two new pairs of earrings and said it will become a tradition.  
A lovely lady said I remember her a young Vivienne Westwood, a comment that obviously made my day! 

The amazing Louise O'Mahony from L.O.M fashion wearing my purple hair barbie collar she got from me last year, So nice to see your pieces on amazing creative creature mixing so well with their own designs.  

The Great Raquel Strada, fashionista, TV presenter  & public figure from Portugal got this bespoke duck dress from me, she said she couldn't find this kind of design in Portugal. So nice to get customers that appreciate the uniqueness of my creations.  

Beautiful Trishy Kitty from Australia wearing my little pony headpiece & purple dinosaurs earrings &  Alex Lucas wearing my can can necklace & hand barbie earrings
by Anthony Lycett

by Anthony Lycett

by Sabrina Dallot-Seguro 

After my fashion show in July, I decided to take my clothing line to the festival, which got a lot of attention. For example my bespoke dinosaur jacket became a festival attraction,at list a 100 tried it on, got their picture taken in it. Festival-goer were coming to my stall saying "my friend told me about this jacket" so I cam to see it, as if it was a kind of pilgrimage or something.   Someone said seeing this jacket changed her whole perception of life! 

I got in touch with the curator of the exhbition through the assemblage Australian artist Freya Jobbins who I am a massive fan of the work and great admirer.  I knew her work before but through the magic of instagram I had the honour to establish a kind of digital relationship with her. She felt an exhibition linking toys and design would be right down my street! 

For a French person, having an exhbition in the North of England sound quite exiting as you branch out of London! The amazing thing was  that the curator took everything in charge. He sent a van to down to London collect the Art piece and printed himself in big format Anthony Lycett picture of me and beautifully curated my headpiece on pink stand.  

"The Toy Box: From Pop to Present is a new exhibition, exclusive to The Gallery@ The Civic, exploring the use of toys in the world of contemporary art and design. By using British Pop Art of the 1950s and 1960s as a starting point and the movements it inspired, the exhibition will showcase paintings, prints, photography, fashion and sculpture from around the world." 

Wearing Rosie Von Boschan bespoke hand beaded bra & pearls & piggies necklace, glitters make up by kiss&glitters by Sabrina Dallot-Seguro
by Sabrina Dallot-Seguro

by Sabrina Dallot-Seguro

Ajouter une légende
close up of toy matriarchy headpiece made especially for the event 

On top of all my current projects, having an exhbition with my headpieces and printed pictures by Anthony Lycett at The Civic, Barnsley in Barnsley, come and visit if you are up North!

glad that my pieces are featured on amazing fashion editorial 
FABRICADO our pink inspired story is out on REKT
A take on feminism and political activism.
Model: @kristy sorley 
Stylist: Victoria Carr
photographer Yannick Lalardy
Makeup : Ellie Yermakova

"Oh materialism you beautifully magnificent whore. How you bestow happiness upon my heart and bless me with things; things are the best - things make me happy. Things fill the abyss that grows deeper by the day because reality is a unpredictable and loathsome bitch."

After the Pink Shoot, the Purple Shoot: 
Stylist: Victoria Carr
photographer Yannick Lalardy

Stylist: Victoria Carr
photographer Yannick Lalardy

Stylist: Victoria Carr
photographer Yannick Lalardy

beach reading/ lecture de plage 
So nice to hold in hand  a printed  version the beautiful editorial with my pieces inSustainable Fashion Journal and read great feature on the beach!

Print and the feel & smell of paper is amazing but online feature is also quite appreciable! 

summer is good for getting press, here a great feature with a  very good quality interview for WEHEART

Other great feature  on Alt Mu Magazine (ALT-MU) 

see the article here (p.26-31)

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