mardi 4 juillet 2017

Alligators & ice creams

Make up by Steffy Shaw,  picture By Anthony Lycett 
For Sue Kreitzman, the urban legend about the albino alligator in the sewers of NYC have a very important place in her personal mythology.  As she is a brilliant story teller, her eyes will spark when she tells you the story: 
 In the 40s, kids in Florida were getting babies Alligator as presents.  But when they began to outgrow, parents where flashing down the toilets, 
They would grew up in the sewers and become albinos due to the lack of light.  For Sue, Alligators personify the power of myth and the sheer delight of urban legend. 

By Anthony Lycett 

As it is very picturesque, it  inspired me a narrative neckpiece where I put actual plastic toy alligator into plastic tube to represent the sewers. It was hard to find the right diameter to fit the crocodiles as the marble run one would be to narrow to get the toys inside.  I finally find on Ebay a clear acrylic tube of Perpex which was deliver as a one meter plastic pipe.   I had to melt it (don't try this at home) to cut it in several section and drill some holes in order to stitch all the pieces together.  

Make up by Steffy Shaw,  picture By Anthony Lycett 

But my own version of the sewers is not dark and stinky, it is a very colourful and psychedelic one.  In this sewers, marble run element, that remind me the guinea pig circuit as a child create a very dynamic and geometrical structure.  

Sue Kreitzman very happy to discover the Alligator necklace! 

...and the drawing version, by Sue Harding, or the privilege to get sketched on a regular basis! 

Make up by Steffy Shaw,  picture By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 

The radioactivity from all the chemical waste that run through  the pipe make the alligator grow glitters and gemstones on their back!
By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 
From a party I worked at, I got a box full of ice cream bubbles tubes, which I was more happy to get than my cash for the evening!

By Anthony Lycett

I decided to create a club kids ice cream look especially for the Lipsitck club at the Muse Soho, 
First I emptied the soap from the tube and cut in half the plastic ice cream that I  adorned with gemstones.  The donuts are dogs  squeaky toys from Poundland 

With Anthony Lycett & Andrew Logan by Daniel Radchev

with Diane Goldie by Daniel Radchev 

"Soho's culture is being destroyed before our eyes through rampant gentrification.The Lipstick Club is a new all inclusive monthly night deep in the heart of Soho.

It’s the perfect platform to come out to play and experiment with your identity. Soho is back!

With Mette Sterre & Andrew Logan by Daniel Radchev

with Daniel Lismore by Daniel Radchev 

With Prince Jason by Daniel Radchev 

by Daniel Radchev

By Anthony Lycett 
For an every day look, I declined the ice cream theme into a top that I combined with a sequin Marc Jacobs skirt. 

details with my clutch bag entirely embroidered with sequins, plastic flowers and poly pocket dolls.  By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 
I found the Marc Jacobs skirt, it in a carboot sale, it was more than my weekly  allocated budget which is around £20 in car boot sale shopping .   But handmade real mark Jacobs, could be around 800£ in the shop I though what could I get in top shop for £45?  Maybe just a basic top so I decided to treat myself.
By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett
I made this headpiece especially for an exhibition in The Civic, Barnsley the Toy Box.  I had the desire to make this statement piece for few years now and the exhibition actually set me a goal and a deadline.  (I am convinced that a piece of work always come from a profound desire and you can't create without joy and passion).  

By Anthony Lycett
I like the fact that through a joyful and light medium which is toys, you could convey some political and social issue.  As toys is a miniature version of the world, you could recreate and rearrange your own microcosm.  
Toys are quite sexist, the majority of feminine figure are white & young princess whereas male figurine are more super heroes, action man, warrior…   
  It is quite difficult to find different age group, different ethnicities and skin colours.  But through years of perpetual rummage  through car boot sale, I achieved somehow to find a real mix of figurine , representative of all  kind of women pursuing all kind of job.  
The image was to bear the all womanhood on your head like Atlas bear the whole world on his back. 

By Anthony Lycett

For the shoot, it was important to not to keep my very fair skin to not be classify as a certain type of woman , but create something unnatural that doesn't correspond to any colour skin. So I spent an hour covering myself with pink glitter  like a pink version of Goldfinger.   

I actually blocked my sink with the glitters when I took my shower! 

By Anthony Lycett 
I am fascinated by Japanese culture, a place I would have to visit at some point! 
Here I am posing with a bespoke Hello kitty neckpiece, cat figurines mostly found by my Mum in charity shops. They are different sizes and different characters adorned with gemstones, and an holographic Merry-go-round fascinator.  
By Anthony Lycett 
My idea was make an  ironic and over the top version of Kawaii look.  In a society that infantilise women,  you can take the ownership of you own status and destiny through creativity and reinventing yourself.  

For the photography, Anthony wanted to experiment with a Plexiglass device placed  in between me and the camera on which we sticked fake flower.  The idea was to recreate the instagram filters aesthetic over used by kawaii girls but using traditional technique and real crafty objects.  Anthony   photoshoped the flowers  in different colours to create this pop art effect.
By Anthony Lycett 

I love to collaborate with photographer and see how she reinterpret my garments and do they own reading of my costume, here with Tatiana D'Andréa

Model: Thaila Camila Brilhante/ Photo, makeup, hair : Tatiana D'Andréa Assistant & Model: Atilio Diglio 

Model: Thaila Camila Brilhante/ Photo, makeup, hair : Tatiana D'Andréa Assistant & Model: Atilio Diglio 

Photographer: Tatiana D'Andréa
Model: Cinthya Machado
Makeup: Jessica Favaro

Model: Thaila Camila Brilhante/ Photo, makeup, hair : Tatiana D'Andréa Assistant & Model: Atilio Diglio 

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