mercredi 13 avril 2016

Shoreditch colour bombing wearable art fashion show

by Anthony Lycett 
On Saturday, 12 March, with Diane Goldie, Sue Kreitzman and Meihui Lui (the shoreditch four) we decided to put on a colourful wearable fashion show, inviting our inspirational friends to models for our respective design. 

By Sarah Gilbert 
Not using super tall and skinny super models but individuals with their originality and personality that can inhabit and understand the creation they are wearing. I choose the outfit according to each of my friend personality and aura, encouraging them to bring accessories in order to keep their own style as a meeting point with my garment and their own individuality. 

Behind the scene of the show, great video by Dan Harley 

With Estelle Monsterlune wearing my moshi monster dress and Kim Anne Freeman wearing my kawaii kimono 

by Anthony Lycett 

when I showed everyone the outfit they were going to wear,  I could see sparkle in their eyes, as if it was Christmas day.  I was so grateful to my friends they give their time and energy to be involve in the project but I realised that they were also extremely please to be part of it.  

With my mentor and inspiration, the great Sue Kreitzman by Anthony Lycett 

The fashion show consisted into a colourful mach, a joyful procession, psychedelic bacchanalias, an  iconoclastic pilgrimage for wearable art religion, stylish carnival where the fools become the kings and queen of fashion! 

by Anthony Lycett 

Loulou Reloulou wearing y colourful leather scraps dress 

by Anthony Lycett 

Great painter Ella Guru wearing my 50 shades of pink dress 
by Anthony Lycett 

Explosion of colours! I wish every weeding picture or class picture look like this!  by Anthony Lycett 

details from back of costume By Sarah Gilbert 

Priya Saujana wearing feather headpiece 

I choose each outfit to match my model style, for example I felt the moshi monster dress will fit Estelle Monsterlune psychedelic punk style, she even made monsters eyes shoes especially to match the dress! 

Dani Marsh wearing my traffic jam dress and little cars headpiece and Amber Bryan-Smith wearing puprle hair dolls neckpiece and Diane Goldie jacket 

We paraded on Calvert Avenue, around Arnold Circus, before making a spectacular entrance at the Taiwanese Food Market on Cleve Court.  
We were lucky with the mild and sunny weather for this early March. Strollers an walkers were wondering if they had hallucinations, if they sobered up from their night out! 

the shoreditch four, 4 women of different generations, different backgrounds, different country linked but the same passion of colours and wearable art 

I felt very energised and inspired from putting up this event.  I feel it is important to have theses moments of freedom and gratuitous , parenthesis in our grey everyday life.  
When different  people of every age, every background come together to share a pure moment of beauty and love.   These kind of evens could bring more of social mix and  inter-culture dialogue and would be nice to be developed…  
You are going to say I am an idealist, but i will say I am more a realistic optimist person. I read press, watch the news, I am fully aware we don't leave in "Care Bears world". I just try to contribute at my own  humble scale to bring a bit of lightness and joy in people life. I feel we also  brought creative vibe to an area threatened by galloping gentrification.  

Estelle Monsterlune & Diane Goldie

In front of Arnold Circus 

A friend that I know from Paris who now live in London said to me she was very " moved," because she felt as the witness of a moment of pure beauty.  

look left and right! stopping the traffic in my circus tent! 

Kids peeking out of under my circus tent dress, I found my kids catcher! 

the shoreditch four 

little girls playing with my drag queen queen! 

Free hug and creative vibe with Kaka Kala 

Alice Edwards wearing my chinese dragon headpieces with Sue Kreitzman kimono (love all the cross over between the different designer) 

picture that resume the joy and madness of the day! 

Point presse: 
thanks to ticketscript for mentioning me in an article about "6 event entertainers who have been hiding too long" even if I never tried to hide!  hope to keep you entertained for a long time!

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