jeudi 31 mars 2016

Into the wild part II

At Brecon Beacon National Park, Wales; By Anthony Lycett 

This dress is made from scraps of multicolours leather reclaimed from the fashion designer Martina Spetlova  on the theme of "studio's discarded" (I already made a dress about unwanted paintings from an painter studio,  in the frame of a "no waste" project, see article here) because in nature, nothing get lost, and everything is created by transformation.  Original shapes from the scars haven't been redrawn or cut again. They contains in hollow, in negative the shape of the patterns and designs they contributed.  Reclaimed, this pieces of leathers evaluated unusable by their size or shape, despite their rare and noble material, become part of parcel of a new and original piece of work. It is in their reject and uselessness that dwells their fragile beauty.  

 For the shape (obviously not for the colours as it is a bit too beige for me and as Sue Kreitzman say "don't wear beige, it may kill you" I've been inspired by Alexander McQueen leather dress, Ensemble, Eshu, a/w 2000-2001 

Having studied the "death of the author" theory by Roland Barthes and the free circulation of interpretation by the audience, if always find it funny that people see inspiration that I didn't had in mind.  For example for this dress, lots of people compared it to a Buddhist prayer flag tree! 

We took advantage of a week end in the beginning of march, when both of us weren't working, to do a road trip across South Wales. Molly Parkin, the most Welsh of the Londoners warned us "why would you go this week end  the weather i going to be terrible, why won't you wait for spring?  Actually we have been pretty lucky with the weather, taking advantage of sunny spells  in between rain showers which conveys this very special light.  

Behind the scene of the shoot, After about an hour of climbing with all our equipments (No I haven't been helicoptered in!)  I've never felt such a strong feeling of hypothermia, all your muscles contract to fight the cold and create instant cramps, we found montage refuge  near the location, near the lake where according to the legend Excalibur was given to King Arthur by the lady of the lake.  

By Anthony Lycett 

This magical landscape is the Three Cliff Bay at Gower Peninsula. This is the  Lady escaped from the circus.

The best thing about it is that it open on the front making it a very performative garment!
By Anthony Lycett 

 I found this children circus tent in a car boot sales in september back in France. The woman was very happy to get rid of it and let me it for 3 euros (and my grand mother got it for me as a present) 

I made this dress more than two years ago (I wrote on my blog about it at the time). My aim as a cyclist was to create something elegant to wear on my bike at the same time as being seen by the car, as HV jackets's shape is not flattering and make you look like a builder.

By Anthony Lycett 

 Unfortunately, London is a bit to cold to wear a strapless  dress on the bike so I have just been wearing it more as a statement piece. I just thought would be great to style it with the new road necklace and headpiece I made.  To create the road, I used corset boning that I covered with black leathers, then I stitched littles cars and all the traffics signs.  

By Anthony Lycett 
For this experimental road kills make up I used a tyre from a toys car  that I soaked into paint.  Anthony, the photographer was asking "is Anne Sophie Ready?"And the girl hosting the shoot at her place replying  "well she is busy rolling a tyre full of paint over her face"...

I made this Lobster dress for the amazing performer Rachel May Snider for her show "Dressing for Breakfast". see the article there 
By Anthony Lycett  for Self Styled 
Tea time?
drinking tea in her lobster dress, this surrealist and  dadaist image reflects Rachel's whimsical and dandyism way of life as a London artist.  

By Anthony Lycett 

This has been one of the most elaborated and complex garment I made for someone and I am very happy Anthony Lycett in the frame of his Self Styledproject has been able to capture all the details of this creations.  
By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett  

"Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" with pearls, golden coral and diver elements 
By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 

The shells squirt have been entirely hand-embroderied, each side took more than a week to cover! 
By Anthony Lycett  

By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 

I like to create festive costume for special occasion like Christmas of Valentine Day but I never had the chance to make a Easter themed one. 
By Anthony Lycett 
In Poundland (my favourite shop in the world) these colourful eggs and fury little chicks & nests were definitely calling me so I decide to create a headpiece and neckpiece with them, celebrating eggs hunting and coming of spring.
By Anthony Lycett 
It is a shame I will have to wait next year to wear it again!

I had some of my accessories featured in Wildabout Magazine fashion editorial.  A Grimes inspired shoot 'You Only Like Me When You Think I'm Looking Sad' 

Creative Director/ Stylist: Cat van Maanen 
HMUA's: Kitty Noofah  & Bjorn Daniel 
Models: Sophie Aine  , Yazzmin Newell, Anne Alessandra Kamaile 
Photographer: Angela Mazur Photography 

With My Moshi monster necklace 

With my baroque rococo religious necklace 

with eyes and arms earring -little cars necklace 

with vampire dolls necklace 
vampre dolls boots featured in Vogue Italia!!! 
vampires dolls boots in Vogue Italia! vampire dolls are now officially trendy! 

Point presse: Kingz magazine sharing my piece "Indians vs Cowboys" announcing my coming exhibition at Isabelle Gounod Gallery in Paris, opening 30th of April.  

This month will follow you even on your trip on Eurostar in the frame in Self Styled London project featured in the Eurostar magazine! get me a copy if you travel from Paris to London!

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