lundi 13 avril 2015

Every day is fashion week!

Madona of  holy junk and her sacred child Picture by Anthony Lycett 

Loulou Reloulou found this dolls in the street and took it for we she had very sad eyes and was wearing a purple princess dress.  At the same time the Fara Worshop was closing down selling lots of vintage lace, beads, sequins, pearls, junk jewels for cheap prices. I remember rambling frenetically  among all the scrap of fabric as if I discovered the Ali Baba cavern.   I decided to customise the dolls with all the material I found in this haberdashery and in flea market and charity shops for Sue Kreitzman. For example the skirt is made with different colours and shape of lace I hand stitched layers by layers.  I also did the make up of the dolls to modify her gaze by adding fake eyelashes, lipstick and glitter eyebrows.  

Picture by Anthony Lycett 
It is also a way to make unique a standardised dolls produced in mass production industry in China and reclaims it from the craft sector  restoring her badge of honour.   Rescued from the gutter, from rags to riches,  the dolls become a Queen of Sabbath where unwanted material make her appearing all her glory.   

picture by Michele Martinoli 
On the 13th of March, I went to "Divine Tchothkes"  opening. An exhibition held at Tatty Devine shop by Sue Kreitzman and John William took over our Brick Lane store with a dazzling hotch-potch of profound junk. Vodou Barbies, reclaimed icons and an altarpiece of rescued treasure.

I was wearing the hair plate dress I made for Butcher window with my favourite 80's sequins jacket and my flowers & glittery skulls headpiece.  Sue is like always in all her glory dressed in Diane Goldie.  
picture by Michele Martinoli

I had the privilege to have my picture taken with the creators of Tatty Devine who has been my favourite jewellery brand since I was 18. I got for them an adorable little Pierrot necklace and a guitar button brooch.  They inspired me in wearing crazy statement jewels and make my own pieces.  London is the only place that you can actually meet in person the designer of your dream brand! 

Part of of the "One hundred Strangers" photography project by Barbara Asboth Photography who took my portrait at the The Classic Car Boot Sale where I was selling my jewels 

My Romantic clowns costume with the Carousel headpiece photographed at Dalston Darlings Institute  March Meeting with Sue Kreitzman evening

picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

For the fashion week I wore my heart dress but also some more "casual" outfit (which maybe for you are still Carnival related). This outfit is 100% charity shop look with a child tutu (happy I fit in) a vintage 70s top, and a glittery feather I turned into a head piece. 
picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
Tribal taxidermist earrings by Jaime Freestone 

picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
I had the chance to have some shoes lend by the amazing designer Natacha Marro for the fashion week, spectacular but really comfy! 

picture by Tetsuji  Fujiwara
Normally I don't really wear black&white but for the Fashion week I created this outfit is a mix between Chanel black&white elegance  and  British Pearly Queen. I am wearing a vintage Christian Dior ensemble mixed with my own accessories.  
Design Cancan necklace available on my online shop 
picture by Tetsuji  Fujiwara
Interviewed by The Guardian 

I made this trolls jackets with the emblematic toys from the 90s  for the show "Lie Collector" staring Yves Blake. I love to make garment that resort to an accumulation of common reference objects.  

"LIE COLLECTOR is a glorious musical celebration of the confessions you’ve been desperate to share.

Yve Blake collects stories from strangers in the internet and right up in the face. Why? To turn these stories into music. And costumes. And DANCE BREAKS!"

I bought this leather cow boy jacket few years ago in a charity shop feeling I could always use it for a costume but I never wore it. When Yve told me about the Western song I ask my Mum to ship it from Paris.  The fringe of the cow bow jacket where replaced by the hairy trolls according to combination of colours hat I stitched one by one on the jacket. 

This is not very elegant but I had to drill holes in hundreds of trolls's bottoms in order to stitch them to the jacket.  

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