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Heart dress

When I make a dres I really likes I wear it several times in a row for different events, Originally I made this dress for Valentines times. and I wore it for the Hackney Bingo Club,  London Fashion Week, Louche Woman event at Selfrigdes and Torture Garden.  

Picture by Anthony Lycett, hat by Victoria Grant, shoes by Natacha Marro
This picture are taken in Welsh mountain Snowdonia. We needed  6 hours driven from London and 1 hour and a half walk to arrive to the location, the hikers thought I was inventing a new sport "costume hiking".  
Picture by Anthony Lycett, hat by Victoria Grant, shoes by Natacha Marro

Despite the sun, at the top of the mountain the wind was fringing and I haven't been has cold in my entire life, but the best picture are always the one where the model is dying of cold  as we needed the wind to fly in the dress as a the flag of love!

The girl is carrying seven red roses and is desperately looking for her lost love in the mountains 
For this dress, I was inspired by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada use of vivid colour and amazing structure:

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada a/w1516

 have also been inspired by Bas Kosters spring/summer collection…Love! When Bas Kosters and his partner broke up after a nine year relationship last year Bas felt he just had to do something with love. When he was ready to leave his grief behind he tattooed the word ‘love’ on his chest and moved on. He used his broken heart experience for his new collection, named Love Fuck Yeah, inspired by the love of his family and friends, the love for himself and his work that strengthened him.

picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
At London fashion week people's reaction were nearly hysterical. I always find it interesting to appear to LFW with an outfit which is between fashion and costume, usually it is quite eye catching amount amount the minimalistic all in black try elegant fashionista,  even if LFW is known for its eccentricities! 
picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
I enjoyed working on the collar of my Grayson Perry dress made with foam covered by sequin fabric so I decided to apply the method to a whole dress.  
picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
The idea was to create a dress expressing the feeling of love visually but also by touch. Indeed, I choose some very soft material like velvet or fake pink fur.  And the foam make it as is you are wearing hundreds of pillow. You loos so comfy that people want to you you, to touch your dress and take you in your arm which is the manifestation of love!

picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

The process was very long as you need to cut the shape of heart on the foam than stitch by hand a piece of fabric to it.  One heart take 30 minutes to make. Fortunately I was helped by Nahye Jo and Loulou Reloulou.

 To obtain this patchwork of red and pink, I use only scrap pieces of fabrics from my previous creations (for example some scrape of the duchess satin of my lego dress) in my aim to use mainly recycled material.  

picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

All to pictures have been taken by my friend Marie Paola who as now photographed me for 3 fashion weeks (and I hope more) She is my favourite street style photographer and always capture some beautiful moment where the viewer can make his own story.  
Follow her on instagram 
picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
At school, someone made fun of me because I was wearing pink and red together, colours that are supposed to clash, but the LFW backdrop and my dress prove her wrong years after! 

picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

During the LFW have been filmed by French journalists from 7 à 8 on TF1, can't say more, documentary coming soon! 

picture by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

picture by Peter Wallis 
At Louche women event in Selfridges with the magical hosts Sue Kreitzman and Caroline Smith. the theme was Fifty Shades of Grey so I wore my "Fifty Shades of Red" dress.
Picture by Peter Wallis  With the Legend Bruno the Wizard, leader of the band The Homosexuals in the 70s

With Anthony Lycett at Torture Garden Valentine Balls, the must of this costume is the matching red glitter eyebrows. The costume was in the theme but not really handy to move around thousands of people with its big crinoline.  (I think I was the girl with the biggest amount of fabric on her body of the party!) 

Natacha Marro London is my favourite shoes designer, showy spectacular, very high heels but always so comfortable. I am so luck y to be able to wear them for photoshoot and fashion week! I made my own interpretation of her glittery platform shoes with barbie shoes turning them into earrings, like that Natacha Marro can literally "prendre ses jambes à son cou"

Point presse: 

My feature in Croco Magazine,  have a look at the first issue online (p.115-129) , follow them on facebook and instagram 
You may say to yourself  "another magazine dedicated to fashion art and design" but Croco is different, thanks to the amazing work of Sylwia Grzegórzko the contempts are deep and original (they interviewed me and followed me in my everyday life during 2 days to understand my practice!) 

picture by Sylwia Grzegórzko at the Hang Up gallery, Stoke Newington
picture by Sylwia Grzegórzko Ok I don't play the piano, this is just for the picture

picture by Sylwia Grzegórzko

picture by Sylwia Grzegórzko
This is the way I cycle, always in heels (but with a H.V jacket) 

Performance at Butchers and interview by Croco Magazine

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