mercredi 12 novembre 2014

Dia de los muertos

by Tania Olive 

Since I met Sue Kreitzman, I have been really inspired by Mexican style, dia de los muertos  & Frida Khalo aesthetic.  For her birthday I wanted to create a performance that epitomise her style & creative universe , between day of the dead, art and halloween, a ritualistic performance between spirituality and paganism.  (have a look at my Frida Kahlo necklace on instagram
by Tania Olive 

Day of the dead mood board, how to link tradition and folklore with style & fashion

special mention for the Day of the costume of my designer friend Clara with her amazing barbie butterfly headpiece, follow her work here
necklace available on my online shop 

necklace & bracelet available on my online shop 

by Tania Olive 

by Tania Olive 
How to make something cheap looking good?  Just stitch some artificial flower on a 50p plastic skeleton! 

by Tania Olive 

by Tania Olive 

Before Sue's birthday party, Sue's flamboyance in Diane Goldie + my normal day wear! 

Skull bracelet that Sue got from me, and she customised it herself, a meeting point between two creativity.  

Inside my spiderweb! 

By Michele martinoli
Meeting with the delightful and colourful  Twinks Burnett, feel really connected with her work! 
By Michele martinoli

By Michele martinoli
 Sue talking about the day we met, such amazing things happened since then! 

By Michele martinoli
 My costume was a  mexican style dress covered skeletons with flower  crown on the head. I found them in Poundland (2 for one pound) it is crazy the amount of treasure you can find there!
Thanks to the help of the great Eve Zohar. I made a big spider cob web with green rope. and I connected the skeleton hands and costume to the rope to become part and parcel of the installation.  
 Then I hide hide in the gallery some little message with quotation about Art to create a kind of Halloween scavenger hunt. 
By Michele martinoli

 The audience had to  find the messages, and come  to me to say them out loud. each message had a number that corresponded to a little present attached in the spider web that the audience had to find  in the tradition of the offering of the day of the Dead that the member of the audience can take with him.

Always nice to catch up with the amazing Mc Gaffy and Beast  who performed  a psychedelic  & cosmic  performance for Sue birthday. I loved her outfit, a traditional Mexican costume that she pimped up to make it her style! 

Halloween is a great party time in London but you can just not make it all! So I lend my day of the dead dress to the amazingly stylish Vanessa (check her instagram gallery) to go to the Sink the Pink party, by spreading my costume in every halloween party I feel I am a bit there by spirit! 

 My little riding hood costume made with Petita Lechatrose, for the  the Unicef UK Halloween Ball, House of Fairy Tales, The Brief by Buffy Cook was "I don't like halloween so i don't want something halloweennish" I don't want the mainstream red carpet dress, I want something crazy and over the top #perfectbrief So I made this dress based on the notion of the colour red, playing with different tone, material and textures. 

My dress on Buffy Cook next to Gavin Turk! 

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  1. This is amazing....the things you create always capture my imagination and attention. Sue is a marvellous person as well. I wish I lived closer, so I could see these performances, they look outstanding, always great to see so many artists expressing themselves :))) Love the dia de los muertos creation, it's perfect & you can found marvellous things in the pound land shops, haha :)) Xxx


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