dimanche 10 mars 2013

Lego trip

New lego stuff....

By Quentin Qui

The lego necklace matches perfectly with the "Comme des Garçons" clutch bag! 
By Quentin Qui

This jacket could be wear by boy or girl…so let me introduce you the lego version of tomboy! Lego suit for women! 
If I worked in a office, I think this is the outfit i would like to wear everyday...
but i'm not sure I will work on a office one day...

I love jeans short, it's the best think you can wear in summer,  it's a really good basic…but maybe a bit too basic for me… so i decided to stitch colourful lego bricks on mine (after making a hole in them). 
Small details make big differences! 

You can change the colours of the brick to create infinite combinations which multiplies possibilities according to your outfit! 

My friend Martina Kao  is studying fashion design at LCF, London college of fashion, i'm wearing the dress and the coat she designed and made by herself witch match perfectly with my lego necklace! (or is it the lego necklace witch  match perfectly with the clothes?!) 

A perfect sunny/grey day at Tuffnel Park, so good to see a bit of green when you are spending your whole time in a city and tree in this park have amazing shapes, you feel like in Harry Potter forest. 

My lego necklaces are doing the cover of the new French magazine Bizart magazine, fashion and art magazine. 

Read Bizart Magazine 

facebook page of the magazine: HERE

The interview about my creations and my crazy stuff: 

making of of the magazine shooting:

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