dimanche 3 mars 2013

Dolls house

By Quentin Qui
I carry on with my experiences and exploration of of the possibilities that offer a dolls or a barbies head. 
I'm a big fan of the work of Margaux Lange who inspires me a lot. 
"Margaux Lange’s Plastic Body Series art jewelry collection utilizes salvaged Barbie doll parts in combination with sterling silver and pigmented resins. The series is a result of Lange’s desire to re-purpose mass produced materials into handmade, wearable art. It is meant to examine and celebrate her own as well as pop culture’s relationship with the icon known simply as: Barbie."


Barbie can also be used as a fashion accessories when you play on the accumulation of them, the skin colours and the texture of the hair add a really interesting aspect to a garment. 

London fashion week 2012 street style 
"Chris Jordan, is an artist who is best known for his large scale works, often depicting mass consumption and waste. One of his works, from the series “running the numbers”, depicts 32,000 Barbies, equal to the number of elective breast augmentation surgeries performed monthly in the US in 2006."

I like the "mise en abîme dimension" of the australian artist Freya Jobbins (who is also making wonderful sculpture with toys) where smaller parts of barbies and dolls are put together to form a bigger creature. 

"My work explores the relationship between consumerist fetishism and the emerging recycling culture within the visual arts. Due to our society's overspending on children's plastic toys, especially dolls, the materials for my assemblages are very accessible." http://www.freyajobbins.com/sculptures.html

An other subverting way of the use of the image of barbie as an icon in art:
By Vincent Bousseret
"Through his work,  Vincent Bousserez questions the quest for idealised notions of beauty and about the unrealistic "perfections" of beauty to which humans aspire. The images explore vanity and it's consequences. Through television, the internet, and print, we are subject to a barrage of images which promote a narrow understanding of beauty, a superficial as the gloss on the lips of a cover model.
by Vincent Bousseret 
Should we celebrate the touch points of beauty provided by the world of fashion? should we aspire to reach theses heights of conformity? Or should we be concerned with the consequences of our passively acquired obsessions: the inevitable failure to achieve and ephemeral standard in the face of a fickle society, a frail psychology and a determined physiology.  as light yields to darkness, must beauty yield to something less…beautiful? 

Plastic beauty begins with an idol of beauty, familiar to all, and then sets about to destroy it in a way that approximate the random nature by which all beauty is cast aside. Portraits of barbie and ken, set in diasec, are mutilated with acids, torches and 12mm bullets fired from a benelli M4, they are crushed by caterpillars, cut with chainsaws and attacked by hail. each work becomes something more than a photograph but rather a unique plastic work, where beauty is disrupted and something more rich emerges. the work embody a faith that beneath our narrow notions of aesthetic perfection lies a beauty that is more full, less obvious and much more interesting." http://vincentbousserez.com/

By Quentin Qui

For theses pictures, i wanted to play on the complementarity of the two jackets beige and black, which I    usually find quite boring to wear but terribly exiting in theses pictures and i was really lucky to have to  beautiful  alive porcelain dolls, Jenny and Tomoko to wear my creepy  plastics dolls! 

A friend gave me this tiny barbie head with blue hair that she found on the street "I wanted to give it to my niece" but I thought you could do something with it!"
"-Yes I will "
(sorry for depriving toys from kids) 

creepy jars full of barbie head/ a barbie head of 1£? 

This cage originally contained a little bird that i took out and replaced by this little baby and turned it into an earring, it's a bit Hansel &Gretel like, when the witch put the young boy on a cage waiting for devouring him. 

One of my friend told me "I like it because from the distance you can think it's a horn and it's only when you look closer that you find out it's a barbie arm, for my conservative mind this is the first necklace you made I could actually wear". 
the perfect valentine necklace! 

By Quentin Qui

What happens when you take out dolls face, i kind of like it it's like a flat face, or the wierd creature in David Lynch Erasedhead.

By Quentin Qui

Poupée de cire poupée de son 

By Quentin Qui

I even stitched some dolls  (when you start you can't stop putting it everywhere) head to my Longchamps's bag, some people stop me in the street and ask me if it's a limited edition or a special edition from the brand! 

This jacket make quite a strong impression on the street style photographer during the  fashion week even if you are not a model, even if you are not going to a fashion show, even if you are no one in the fashion industry, even if you are a random person just walking there. 

From the blog  trendflyholic 
fashion babies by Souichiro Ota

By Martin Isaac 

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