mardi 28 février 2017

Hearts & Popcorn

In this article, I am going to present to dresses based on objects especially made for the Bingo at number 90. You may have noticed I like to use common reference products, multiply it and make it as a wearable piece.  

"Don't eat pop corn, wear it" by Anthony Lycett 

I made the pop corn costume for the "movie night" theme.  I am absolutely obsess by salted caramel pop corn and as a kids having them at cinema was an amazing treat! I wanted to give it a 50s American  pop corn seller vintage look by using the old fashion package.  I used as a base a silver bomber jacket from Roman road market and I hand stitched the packaging I got from Ebay. I folded them in a different way in order to create a kind of origami playing with the geometrical dynamic of the red & white stripes making a kind a cardboard peacock tail. Not the kind of outfit you can wear under the rain! 

Going further than making a dress with pop corn packaging, Zita Pop made dress out of actual pop corn!

I have always been a big fan of Jeremy Scoot collection, and his witty and quirky  aesthetic.  I always love it how he use pop culture household consumer brands and give it a twist.  More than a fashion gag, he uses a global language "this is about taking something trashy and making something that you'll treasure forever".  

Kawaii icon Katy Perry wearing Jermey Scott pop corn dress 

by Anthony Lycett 
For the popcorn imitation I just googled "how to make fake popcorn" and because you can find everything on the internet I found a tutorial (yes people have tried before me!)  explaining how to shape fake popcorn using polystyrene packing peanuts. So I spend hours rolling them into glue and agglomerate them together.  Then I painted the top yellow and sprinkled them with gold glitter as the last ingredient.  I like this effect that it look real but you know it is fake if you know what I mean! 
Pin up style peacock Jean Paul Goudr inspiration! by Anthony Lycett 
With the jacket, I am wearing my favourite amazing Dazzle & Jolt Pop corn skirt which match perfectly with the theme (I kind of designed the whole outfit all around the skirt) 
For the headpiece, I added a little barbie camera I found into a charity shop and I attached some fake popcorn with Nylon to give it a dynamic feeling of motion as if they were falling from the pot! 

by Anthony Lycett 
Hearts is one favourite pattern to include in design.  2 years ago, I made a Valentine dress with foam hearts I then turned into a jacket.

Loulou Reloulou  came to help me at my studio to hand stitch all the hearts.  I like how the colour of her jumper complement the hearts one! 

by Anthony Lycett 
  This years I found some very inspired hearts garland at Poundland  with red sparkly  glitters which give to the costume its cabaret aesthetic referring for me to the iconic glittery heart of Bethnal green working men's club stage.  

by Anthony Lycett 
I used a ballerina tutu as a base for the costume with red and light grey net because I like the shape of the bustier and the marked waist.  

by Anthony Lycett 
With Anthony Lycett, we tried to create a kind of kitsch David Lachapelle  aesthetic with fake flowers and my lightening up "LOVE" fascinator to emphasise the commercial and over-rated aspect of the celebration.
by Anthony Lycett 

by Anthony Lycett 

by Anthony Lycett 

by Anthony Lycett 
Point Presse, Great interview by I am a Foreigner about being a French designer in London! 
The project aims to rebrand the concept of  "foreigner "as a positive and aspirational figure.
It's discovery and innovation, passion and determination.

...meanwhile still struggling with my permanent resident permit application :(

by the foreigner project 

I also collaborate on a shoot for a fashion editorial in Cake magazine with the fashion Brands Fields of Ponies.  I like working with designer who have a different aesthetic like Fields of Pony is very sportswear  chic but I feel the colours just matched perfectly! 


Photography: @byezekiel and @celineantal
Model: @luce_giles
Styling: @motherpony
Clothing: @fieldofponies

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