mardi 11 février 2014

Lego dress at the Lego Movie Premiere

On sunday 9 of february I attended to the Lego Movie Premiere as the designer of the Lego dress.  

At 8 o clock in the morning a cab come to pick me up at my Home, he told me that it was the weirdest things he had to carry in his whole carrier.  

Arrived at the cinema the security give me this badge, I feel suddenly like an important person! 

We need  one hour and an half for make up and fitting of the dress. It is like coming back in ancient time, when you need at least 2 people to dress the Lego princess.  

The necklace that I am wearing for the Premiere available on my online shop
To match with my Lego dress I created my own one, a kind of extension of the original design! With a mosaic pattern of lego following the seams of the bright yellow dress.  

In the Lego Movie, the Bad guy, Lord Business plans to use the Kragle (a tube of Krazy glue with some of the logo's letters rubbed out) to freeze the universe perfectly in place. So I feel a bit like the bad guy in the Lego movie because in order to make everything stick together I had to glue lego bricks on by one, which is against Lego nature, you should be able to  freely assemble and disassemble. Gluing Lego is freezing creativity but it is different to play with Lego and to make it wearable! 

As a designer it is amazing to see your creation becoming "alive" and provoke some social interaction.  It is just great to see the amazement of  kids, and see the happiness in their eyes when they are posing with the Lego dress.And lots of celebrities posed with my dress! 

Then I was invited to the Lego reception. There was workshop for kids where they can build they own lego, and a colourful buffet with delicious and Lego biscuit and cup cake, Lego goodies bags… 
Welcome in the Lego world where everything is made out of Lego! 

Because it needed some fixing since the fashion week, the dress was delivered to my place in order to get a bit of surgery

I like being a Lego designer, because it is like Christmas everyday…courser come to your place to deliver Lego boxes, in order replace some Lego bricks.  

Ok, this is a crime for Lego, you are not supposed to drill hole on Lego bricks in order not to change the original design (that is why, my colleague Yueer Zhang and me had to use a special flexible  structure to stitch the Lego together) 
But I just used the drill to make my "unofficial"  head piece because it is quicker.  

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