mardi 4 février 2014

Dolls fashion world

By Simona Zemaityte

At the closing night of the Reflecting Eye exhibition at St Pancras Hospital

Josephine Baker is one of Sue's icon because she was a really inspiring woman and became a muse for contemporary authors, painters, designers and sculptors including Langston Hughes, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso and Christian Dior. 

"Hertfordshire based artist. Working in a range of mediums, driven primarily by recycling and

nature. Currently studying taxidermy and hoping to infuse these beautiful beings into my works" 
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With the talented J.Freestone, check his work!

Every new necklace for Sue is a new world in itself and  demands some researches.   I had to watch some documentary about her in order to include the main element of her life.  
Josephine Baker fabulous & spectacular outfits 

I choose a 20s aesthetic, time where Josephine Baker started performing, linking style and content.  It is a necklace about Josephine Baker but also a "Josephine Baker style" necklace, something she could have worn herself. 

I only used only black barbies which are really hard to find, and I re-decorated each head with 20's style headpiece, feathers and strass.  I like the fact that you can transform a industrial product which is made with a  mould into something unique by its re-appropriate the standardised item through creativity.  Legs and arms are links by pearls which are symbolising the dancing movements.  

I used a lot of pearl because her surname  was the "Black Pearl" And I included the bananas  element which are actually buttons. She performed the Danse sauvage  wearing a costume consisting of a skirt made of a string of artificial bananas. Her success coincided (1925) with the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs that gave birth to the term "Art Deco, and also with a renewal of interest in non-western forms of art, including African.

I put 2 babies because she adopted a lot, wearing pearl napkins During Baker's work with the Civil Rights Movement she began adopting children, forming a family she often referred to as "The Rainbow Tribe" 

I put  strassy Eiffel tower dressed in pearl because she loved Paris  singing "J'ai deux amours, Paris et mon pays" in 1931. 

The closing night of the Reflecting Eye exhibition at St Pancras Hospital played host to the 1st Free Portrait Studio mobile event of 2014 

"Jason Wilde’s Free Portrait Studio is a non-commercial mobile studio that follows in the footsteps of the early itinerant photographers. Visiting a variety of venues throughout the London Borough of Camden Jason Wilde’s Free Portrait Studio invites visitors and passers by to temporarily discontinue their daily routines to take part in a short informal photography process. Staged against a neutral background these documentary portraits show the people I have met posing consciously and comfortable in their self-presentation."

Barbie flower dress, a barbie head replacing the heart of every flower on the dress, Lanvin inspirations. 

This belt was originally the headpiece of my tribal costume,
Jasmine belt, this blet is made with 4 Jasmine barbie head, my friend asked me how I could find so much Jasmine heads. When I was a child for Chritsmas, I got Ken Aladdin but I wanted Jasmine so my mother went back to the store to bet me Jasmine who become one of my favourite barbie dolls  
Frida Khalo necklace 

The amazing live artist and performer GAFF'E wearing the necklace I made for her with her face on a fashion photoshoot. 

To see more psychedelic and crazy outfit,  like her on facebook 

My lady bingo dress, glittery with small barbie bingo ladies stitched on it

By Simona Zemaityte
My little bingo ladies barbies on the Bingo lady costume

Pink wall to match with my pink dress and my Pink chair
To add to my numerous professional carrier, I am now officially a bingo lady at the Restaurant 90, a great place in Hackney Wick with amazing food and drinks always hosting some creative and original events! 

I created this crazy, offbeat flamboyant French lady character who doesn't even know the rules of Bingo! 

Come to the next edition 19th of february, will wear an other amazing costume! 

La flamboyance du quotidien 

Cult Mountain birthday Party, 
the concept store was turing one, lot of amazing, colourful and inspiring people around! 
pictures by Ksenia Gladysheva

Cult Moutain is a concept community based organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting new artists from our base and the vital spirit of Shoreditch, East London.
Cult Mountain is dedicated to finding and exposing the finest emerging talent in all artistic fields, Cult Mountain - NEW ARTISTS EMPORIUM is a Concept Store, Cafe and Gallery, showcasing the work of these fantastic and original hand-picked artists.
My one year baby necklace made especially for the one year birthday of Cult Moutain! 

pictures by Ksenia Gladysheva
Britt Foe, designer and artistic director of Cult Mountain wearing my barbie legs blue shoes earring.

showing my jewels in the cabinet 

A new happy owner of one of my design! 

My medaillon barbie face necklace on a Lady Gonzales Top 

Luxurioux snacks Performing "Ma Petite Folie at Cult Moutain, 
We had to re-design the show especially for the tiny space of the shop, but it gave quite an intimate feeling to the whole performance! 
Keep tuned by liking us on facebook , More shows are coming soon!!

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