mercredi 10 avril 2013

You wear what you eat

food is fun

Food feed us but also our creativity, food escape from our plate and dinner table to come on our dresses and around our necks. Food is one of our main obsession, something that give us pleasure and arouse our greed. Using food in art works really well visually, bringing vivid colours and original textures, offbeat humour and lightness (but not in calories!).

A food necklace could really make you hungry, making you salivate. Although, using food in art and fashion is  not really original anymore. For me it's connoting  japanese kawaï, girly, sweet  fake junk food items that you fine in brick lane market or in china town. 

Tatty Devine playful necklaces, arouse our need of  sugar 
N2 delicacies, their chocolates and their macarons looks even more delicious than real ones! 

Edible fashion, the wearable food! 
Ice-cream high heels from Oyee Design
Food is often used in fashion as a pattern to create exotic printing like in Stella McCarney S/S 2011 collection ...

...But they remain "small player" because some designers are using REAL food in their creations. 

Hunger Pains is a photo series by artist Ted Sebarese  
I like the discrepancy between "haute couture" aesthetic and the fact of using something really trivial, mundane, down-to-earth like food to realise it. 

Dolce & Gabana dress inspired by Guiseppe Arcimboldo's paintings 

Cintia Dicker delights in a dress full of M&Ms in Ryan Yoon's shoot for Virgine Magazine - 2010

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada fashion show 

Kate Perry taste for sweet-candy theatrical dresses

Viktor & Rolf's sugar dress 

Jeremy Scott’s line of food 

Hamburger Dress by Joy Kampia

The south Korean artist Yonju Sung, makes clothes that cannot be worn and are not meant to be eaten. "I spend lots of hours at the supermarket, observing the ingredients and figuring out new ways to elaborate them. The way that certain restaurants style their food, is also an important font of inspiration.” Back at her space, half way between a kitchen, a photographer’s studio and an atelier, she documents each one of her compositions with digital images. Afterwards she dismantles the mannequin that serves as a canvas to her idiosyncratic food collages and throws everything away.

lettuce necklace

chips hearings 

eggs brooch 
eat what you wear/wear what you eat! 

"Can I have some more?" 

I used to love playing with colourful tea party set,  Some items  are so well imitated, that they look real.  They actually make you salivate till the moment you start to feel a disgusting taste of plastic in your mouth, till the moment you realise you can't actually cut this pizza into pieces, that the French fries are sticked together (never understood that), that the chicken is so bright yellow as if we was only feed with transonic hormones. And even if they look fake they is a kind of pleasure in this "fakness" The pleasure to think  that it could be real,  that you mystify yourself, and  a part of yourself still want to believe you are actually offering a real feast to your dolls and wooly toys.  

"To eat or not to eat? that is the question"

With theses necklaces i like to play with the ephemeral, using their plastic avatar to make something destined to be rotten,  perishable, more sustainable,
 No need to check the expiry date with theses jewels! 

I took this picture in Catherine in her kitchen, she is an amazing performer and with her clown  training and cabaret background she can't make spectacular grotesque priceless faces which are really easy to capture. 

Catherine is such an inspiring and inspired person  that she can grab any single object and make it part of the set creating a new narrative, association of ideas that drove us to a completely surrealistic world with its own conventions where everything make sense in a strange way, where you suspend your disbelief and accept the fact that a chicken lady cooked a reduced version of her in the oven. 
"George, what happened to you? can you hear me?" 

an anthropophage anthropomorphic lady chicken

tea time is too mainstream, I'll have chicken time
"I want to be vegan" 

"Should i eat my peers?"

Horror chicken movie

pretty ugly face

Bad taste necklace but taste good! 

"Honey?  do you want some grilled donuts? 

healthy or junk food,  what should I choose? 

Changing the function of food items=> from eating to wearing

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