dimanche 8 janvier 2017

Colours Walks

Colour Walk, Walthamstow, november 2016 picture  By Richard Kaby 
Colours walk are unpolitical walk, but  just the fact of wearing bright colours could be seen as a form of protest or a subversive act.  
Even in London, place which is know for his tolerance towards different style, a big bunch of colourful people still stand out! 
During colours walk You just do normal thing, you meet up with friends,  go to the market, drink coffee, but dressed up.  
People ask "what do you do that?" Maybe just because that make us feeling good!
 It make children looks as you as you are a kind of fairy, it make people talk to you or take picture, it just reinvent "community life" and "living together concept in big anonymous city like London.  

fruits and vegetables match our outfit or the other way round! picture By Richard Kaby 
For this colours walk, I choose to wear my couture wonder woman dress as a reference to street super heroes that walk in their costume in cities  in order to socialise and help people.  

By Richard Kaby 
A Pilgrimage place for colour walk and, Gods Own Junkward, a magical and surrealist place where neons side are hand made!  
By Richard Kaby 

colour walk is a way of life, it becomes normal to drink a Cappuccino in a wonder woman couture costume 

With Florent Bidois at Gods's Own Junkward  By Richard Kaby 

Our meeting point is often Las Igunas at Old Spitafileds market. 

In October took place the ARTRIOT, a bit more militant in the title than a simple colour walk! " which took place during the journey to London from the amazing Purely Patricia, a brilliant assemblage artist and  one of  the legendary "advanced style lady" a great occasion to all gather around colours and Art…and of course coffee which is our fuel for life! 

sharing the love with Purely Patricia! By Hanna Miles

"It’s unexpected! It’s wild! It’s fun! It’s whimsical! As artists, our daily obligation is to stay creative, inventive, relevant and meaningful……this translates through our individual styles of dress and through the energy of our self expression. It’s expressed through the clothes and accessories we wear and create ourselves…..our personal colorful creations keeps us inspired and challenged. It’s the culture we want to cultivate……the one that keeps us constantly searching assembling and collaborating."
Simon Dodi as a King of heart, questioning gender normative By Anthony Lycett 
For bigger occasions, you have to take further your extravagant day wear.  I decided to wear a heart jacket I made from taking down my Valentine heart dress.  
Made with foam and soft material,  It look like you are all padded and comfy  and make want to hug you! 

Wearing My little pony necklace and embellished barbie legs earrings By Hanna Miles 

With Purely Patricia & Kala Kala Colours picture By Hanna Miles 

By Hanna Miles 

sketch by Sue Harding 

By Hanna Miles 

By Hanna Miles 

With Diane Goldie and Sue Kreitzman, picture By Hanna Miles 

With Patricia Fox and the beautiful Sara is in love with  By Richard Kaby 

With Lynne Gillett who have an amazing shop Barbary Lane in Brigthon sketch by Sue Harding 

By Anthony Lycett

Squishy dinosaurs neckpiece made for suekreitzman and 🐲 my triceratops glittery headpiece.  hand stitched soft plastic dinosaurs on a fabric base embellished with beads.  


By Anthony Lycett

sketch by Sue Harding 

sketch by Sue Harding 

In November took place at the Aeronaut in Acton, Human of London book Launch were a lot of "Colour walk folks" have been featured! and I am very honoured to have been HOGLed! 

With Sue Kreitzman By Richard Kaby 
 "A magical collection of photographs and stories from the iconic streets of London. Capturing the inspiring, the moving, the surreal and the everyday, Cathy Teesdale has made it her mission to celebrate the extraordinary diversity of life found in London. Presenting over 250 photographs, she introduces us to the real people of London, their hopes, philosophies, troubles and stories."

Wearing my rockstar guitar dress 🎸🎸🎸 and dinosaur headpiece 
By Richard Kaby 
 Order your copy of the book here 
By Richard Kaby 

On Sue's birthday we met with Patricia Fox who was still in the UK.  I was wearing a total crochet look, some people will think it is very "granny style" but it is actually coming back to trend! 

With Florent Bidois and Sue! reality vs. sketch by Sue Harding 

I offered Sue a polypocket necklace on red beads with all their accessories like bags and sunglasses! 

When Sue Kreitzman came back from NY,  I made her a  big heart necklace that has extra branches and the branches lead to extra hearts, representing all the love I am receiving from her artists friends. 

Just another thursday at Spitafields market, wearing my embroidered peacock dress.

For the peacock dress, the silver base of the dress was generously given to me by Diane Goldie herself after buying it at Spitafields market.  The peacock is from a hand-woven bedspread I found in my grandmother closet that my great-grandfather brought back from a trip to China in the 1920's. The piece is a 100 years old so I have to give it justice and not mess up the dress. I carefully cut out the peacock,  stitched it on the base and adorned the contour with sequins to hide the seems. 

sketch by Sue Harding 

great to see my life in pictures and in painting! sketch by Sue Harding 

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