jeudi 17 novembre 2016

Self.Styled Portraits

Samanfah Wilson by Anthony Lycett 

In the frame of the launch of Self.Styled the book, I am presenting a side projects "self styled Portraits" that we have been collaborating with the photographer Anthony Lycett.  

Aidan Azurei Reyes by Anthony Lycett 

The book is all about self expression documenting eccentric looks and beautiful individuals! It doesn't try to put people into category like "goth, punk, club kids" but celebrates the creativity of personal style and guts it take to dress up, matching with a whole life style.  
Moving in a live/work space where we both have our studio gave me the immense privilege to meet all this fabulous creatures and just stick some of my designs over their magnificent outfits before they even think about it. 

Jason Summerfield by Anthony Lycett 

It is also a way for Anthony to focus more on the face of his subjects and on details whereas Self.styled is more about the whole look the attitude and the personality conveyed from the body language.  

Amy Day by Anthony Lycett 

I always try to match the neckpiece or accessories with the outfit and the style of the person. For example is someone has more a "festival style" I will choose something really colourful, for someone with a more "fetish" style something darker. 

Estelle Riviere by Anthony Lycett 

The idea is to create  a meeting point between to creative world giving a different flavour to the jewels according to the person that wear. Like an actor gives an other dimension to a theatre text by the way he interprets it and brings his own touch.  Reversely, my jewels resonate to the outfit and starts a creative dialogue.  

Toni Tits by Anthony Lycett 

For example with Toni Tits, it seems that the vampire dolls necklace his  made for her as a multiple reflection of herself.It  merges into each other to create a unique piece of wearable art. You don't really see the limit between the clothing and the face as the neckpiece become part and parcel of the whole composition.  

Harriet Holt by Anthony Lycett 

Jessica Holt By Anthony Lycett 

Tete Bang Bang by Anthony Lycett 

Nange Magro by Anthony Lycett 

Harry Whitfield by Anthony Lycett 

Adreena Angela by Anthony Lycett 

Von Kuntz by Anthony Lycett 

Patricia Fox by Anthony Lycett 

Joanna Glitz by Anthony Lycett 

Bliss Theadora by Anthony Lycett 

Von Kuntz by Anthony Lycett 

Sadie Clayton by Anthony Lycett 

Marie Devilreux by Anthony Lycett 

Gregory Kara by Anthony Lycett 

Olivia Loeke Keelor by Anthony Lycett 

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