mercredi 31 août 2016

Festival times

This summer I tried my luck and took a stall at Wilderness in Secret Emporium tent who exclusively trade independent and alternative designers.  

By Anthony Lycett 
Wilderness is an award winning festival of music, food, arts, learning, literature and rejuvenation. Set amongst the lakes, forests and parkland of Oxfordshire’s exquisite Cornbury Estate.
 "Four days in a nature reserve to meet new people, meet new ideas and new experiences. If Wilderness had a saying, it would probably be ‘meet the world’: a world of creativity and culture, of festival and flora, of ideas and identity. Wilderness aims to slip off your shoes, settle you down and then showcase the best of who we are, where we belong and what we create. As our unofficial saying goes, come to the wilderness to meet the world."
By Anthony Lycett 
 Wilderness is an intimate, outdoor wonderland combining music, theatre, performing arts, outdoor pursuits and a range of culinary delights to create the ultimate boutique escape.

By Anthony Lycett 

Wilderness has been amazing for making new creative connexion and catch up with other fellow designers from London! Jessica Holt the designer from Dazzle&Jolt who is also a moving showcase for independent designer through her quirky and rainbow style! can't wait to show you my popcorn skirt I got from her.  
By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 

One of the highlights of the festival: dancing on the main stage with Saturday nights headliners Crystal Fighters with all the secret emporium team! This is the power of dressing up, because you are fully costumed and glittered, you got asked to be the background dancer of a famous band! 

By Anthony Lycett 

I was very happy to meet my customers, people following me on instagram, I got lots of admirers, positive reaction and  sincere enthusiasm.  You realise that people are still happy to buy a unique piece and appreciate hand made work.  When a woman got a necklace from me I said to her "thanks for buying it and she replied, "no thanks for making it".  

By Anthony Lycett 

One the top of all the camping equipment that fell the car to the legal limit, I brought 4 themed outfit for the 4 different days of the festival, this one was my gipsy-mermaid look!
People often asked me "does it take long to get ready" and I reply, well it take longer to do it in a tent" 

Indeed after queuing for shower and toilets, you have to contort yourself in the tent to put on your costume and make sure the wind doesn't blow away your glitters..a performance in itself!
By Anthony Lycett 

My very first costumer from State of Disarray team who bought the first my little pony necklace. The world need more people like her! 

With My glamourous assistant, driver, tent builder, sale manager, but also boyfriend! I was allowed to gradually add more and more glitters to his bear over the time of the festival and even if he pretend he doesn't like it…I am sure he enjoys it! 

Polly, the lovely Dazzle&jolt assistant got my fried eggs necklace which represents years and years of eggs collecting, rummaging into kid kitchen stuff and realistic key rings! I am always happy when my accessories go to a good home and I worn by the perfect person! Pineapples and fried eggs, who thought it would make a good recipe? 

 It was also great to meet Louise O'Mahony the genius designer behind L.O.M Fashion she is as talented as amazingly cool and got theses elephant earrings from me that perfectly match her style and I love my new top from her brand!

The exquisite & graceful designer from Joy Kimono wearing on of my Barbie necklaces! So pleased it is going to have its own life in Hong Kong! going international!

By Anthony Lycett 

One of my festival look, dragon headpiece (it got lot of admirers and few offers during the festival but I wasn't ready  to let it go) purple hair dolls top, big barbie tassels earrings and dinosaur necklace
By Anthony Lycett 

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with Unattended items on a South Korean Glastonbury Festival.  The brief was  "Asian inspired looks, with colourful Korean pop or glitter materials giving it a fun, vibrant and modern festival feel." 

Fascinated by japanese manga kitsch and colourful imagery, I was keen to combine the folk and more ethnic inspiration with a more kawaii aesthetic. 

Elena & Thomas Voice were playful pranksters that walks and dances around the festival playing physical games with audiences members like cat's cradle and hackey sack. 

I was performing a grand and mystical queen who walks around the festival talking to guests and playing a simple game based on Korean myths and fairytales

Tasmin Clarke was promenading around with your collection of little monsters demanding that guests give each other fortune through the guise of the little monsters. 

Having spontaneously made of my exhibition in Paris few post modern shamanic kawaii garment, it was great to style them together and distribute them between theses four playful characters.

For the crown for example, I have ironically  diverted the royalty symbol by using soft material or a flat prop from theatre set covered with chintzy stones giving it a more glam "Prince" or pop icon  look.  

Perfect advertising campaign for Festival, I was honoured to have my design published in Toksick magazine, styled by  Cat van Maanen for this tribal/folky shoot. 

Patchwork Impressions'
Publication: TokSik Magazine
Creative Direction/ Styling: Cat van Maanen
Photographer: Cansu
HMUA: Kitty Noofah Kitty Noofah Makeup Artist
Models: Natasha Culzac , Yvonne Hannafin , Chantelle Brett & Romano Plomberie

This 400 barbie arms necklace looks like coral from far! 

tassels earrings with barbie arms & ginger vampire dolls necklace 

bones necklaces & dinosaurs earrings styled with Katie Jones dress 

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