samedi 30 novembre 2013

Safe & Stylish

pictures by Simona Zemaityte 
Because of he title of my blog and my way of life I felt I had to create something about cycling with style.  

People are always asking me "did you cycle like this?" For me, it's not because you are cycling that you have to renounce of  certain style, as long as you are not wearing white flare trousers or pencil skirt there is nothing which can stop you from cycle. 

This is ugly, but come on Karl why you didn't turn it into something fashionable?  I want my Chanel H.V jacket! 

High Heels Designed Especially for Cycling

My friend send me this link "Heels to cycle in! Obviously, they've never met Anne Sophie." 
I mean this is SO UGLY.

Catherine Baba My role model  model for associating elegance and cycle! 

I am always in heels I don't have spare shoes, I just have spare heels, just a little bit more comfy. 
I changed my bike recently because the pedal was too low and the heels were reaching the ground, so I don't choose by shoes because of the bike but the bike because of the shoes.  
It is actually more easy to cycle in heels than to walk in heels, actually I started wearing flat shoes when I got my bike stolen and I have to walk long distance.  

For the Hand-bag performance of Geraldine Pilgrim at the Open East festival this summer, I collected a lot of H.V jackets that we had to wear for for security reason before the official opening of the park. 
I am always doing my project according to necessity. Material always come first, I wouldn't have made this dress if I didn't have this HV jacket in stock. 

I wanted to show that you can be safe and styled and tried to make something elegant and couture with something that is essentially ugly, a "fashion punishment" commonly associated with unfeminine element worn by builders  security guards… 

this dress is like a butterfly! the princess HV jacket 

pictures by Simona Zemaityte 

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