mardi 22 octobre 2013

Lego't it!

pictures by Simona Zemaityte 

I loved making the Lego dress for the Fashion week but I also make smaller things like lego accessories and jewellery! 
My ex-flat mate Camille come to visit in London and was  "I know every time we meet, we do crazy things together" and I have a reputation to hold.  

We went to Brick Lane, which is a very  inspiring place.  Streets are really good for shoot because you can change setting and background just moving 5 meters ahead, and the street art perfectly fit  with the colourful aesthetic of Lego. 

This area is always changing,  you can never get bored, one week you can go there and be "I would like to take a picture in front of this tag" and 2 days after you come back and it have been replaced but something else! 

Me:"Do you think you can add another bangle?"
Camille": No I think, it won't fit anymore..." 

The thinker 2.0

With the Lego dress, i'm really happy off the positive mood and comment it generated like 
"this is a dress that my 10 years hold son would love", I feel  it makes people come together.  

On a Youtube video the presenter commented "And if you're a dude, and you said yes, well then that's pretty messed up."
and lot of comment followed like "A guy wearing a dress does not mean he is messed up. I think a guy or a girl should have the rights to wear whatever he wants, for years we have been slaves of conformity and stereotypes. Why cant you just accept people with an open arm and for who they are? moreover, if a guy who likes to wear a dress does wear one, it manifests his outstanding courage and tenacity, as opposed to what you call messed up" 

It's funny how a simple lego dress could generate argument about gender identity, I like the way a design work with no committed message could be a medium for societal issues and reveal some underlying tensions.  

Smile, you are filmed with Lego!

After cycling in heels, cycling in Lego

clip and unclip them and mix colours! BE CREATIVE 

clip in on the front, don't need anyone to do it for you! choose the shape you like! 

The model and the designer 
Find theses jewellery on my online shop 

My brother asked me "could you design something especially for me?  I would like a jewel but for a boy, something like a brooch..

 I never made jewel fro boy (I just made some bow tie or jacket) so I try to make something inspired by the personality of my brother. I choose colours which I consider as quite "boyish, like green and brown) and I made a creature inspired by "Babyface in Toy story because my brother use to collect monster, and he used to be really fascinated by insect as a child. 

When he opened the box my brother was "it's better than i expected" 

Tucked away off of Brick Lane Sophie’s flat seemingly resembles Alice In Wonderland meets post apocalyptic deserted toy store. Inside her room and studio bins upon bins are stacked one on top of another, joyfully overflowing with doll heads, tiny hands and Barbie limbs. The left side is home to her rolling racks of unbelievably intriguing clothes, which include a shimmering gold dress lined with plastic doll feet and a blazer covered with old pages from a disposed novel.

"Her decision to incorporate used plastic baby dolls, toy cars, lego pieces and Barbies found in flea markets and charity shops into her designs and personal sartorial expression derives from her desire to create a social impact on people through a hybrid of performance and costume experimentation."

My favorite Sonia Rykiel dress 

Anne Sophie Cochevelou from majestic disorder on Vimeo.
An article in "Valeurs Actuelles" 

An article on the New-Yorker magazine Artinfo 

"Rather, it nods to a broad spectrum of cultural references in its design. To support 25 pounds of plastic brick, 
Cochevelou reinforced the skirt with what she calls “neo-crinoline,” the kind of metal hoops that were once regularly worn by Marie Antoinette. She looked to the ornate jeweled headwear of traditional Chinese opera singers for inspiration on the LEGO-studded headpiece, and to the fringed epaulettes from centuries-old military uniforms while detailing the shoulders. There are, of course, hints at Lady Gaga’s hyper-decorated sensibilities."

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